6 Mistakes Women Make Just Like Men

November 17, 2011  |  
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“Typical man.” Ever heard a friend say that? Or be the one to say it? We’re taught that for the most part, men just don’t care as much as we do. We’re taught that they are not as sensitive as we are., that they don’t pay attention as much as we do or read into things like we do. So, to retaliate, or even just to protect ourselves, we tone down the sensitivity too. But sometimes, we go too far. There are also plenty of things we do that look just like what men do to us that piss us off, and we don’t even realize it. Like these:

Forget to ask

We get mad when men don’t ask how we’re feeling when we’re getting over a flu, or if we are still in a major fight with our best friend. And yes, maybe women do always remember to ask men those same questions but, different things can be important to men and women. You may think you’ve covered your bases because you asked him about the things you would want him to ask you about, but you may have completely missed the stuff that is actually important to him. He may have failed to ask if you and your bff are still fighting. But you may have failed to ask him about something he was upset about last week, too. Don’t be too quick to put the blame on him, because he might have something to throw right back in your face…

Act uninterested

Some guys like to take it slow, and some guys just learn how to pace themselves so as to not scare you off. Of course, women read that as a guy being uninterested. Maybe he doesn’t text very often, or he only invites you out in a group. But women unintentionally act uninterested as well, by ignoring the guy most of the night when they do go out in that big group. Or by being really short with answers when he finally does text. We often play a game of “let’s see who can show the least interest” when he didn’t mean to be playing…

Get up too fast after sex

Cuddling is basically bombarded by every popular male TV show. Just think of Barney on How I Met Your Mother and his complex tactics to avoid cuddling at all costs. We get it into our heads that, if we’re around for more then 20 seconds after it’s over, the guy feels smothered. And while we don’t necessarily bolt after 20 seconds, we can act fidgety, and get up to check our email, or get a glass of water, or do anything to make sure that if they guy wants an escape, he’s got one. But that can just come off as the woman wanting an escape.

Fail to initiate

Women often wait to be asked out. And then they wait to be asked out the second time, and the third time. But it can be just as nerve wracking for a guy to put himself out there again and again as it would be for a woman. Why is the job all on him? If you don’t at least be the one to initiate plans sometimes, he will read that as you don’t like him, and he’ll stop asking you. So yes, he will have failed to initiate, but that’s because you did too.


Ever dealt with a guy who is hot one week and cold the next? He sends you a cute, flirty text and then he doesn’t respond to the one you send a few days later? Or he plans an amazing date for the two of you, but when you run into him at a bar he is cold? Well, think about how complex your love life has been at times. You’ve probably been out at a bar, flirting with someone you just met, when another guy you like shows up. You’ve probably slept with a guy and then, by dumb luck, met another amazing guy and put the breaks on with the first one. It happens, and in the beginning, acting strange is fair game for everyone.

Act territorial

Women simply do this in different ways. Men sometimes do it by passive aggressively insulting their competition, or by subtly touching you so the other guy knows you’re his. But women have their own ways of doing this. Maybe they’ll tell the competition that they would love to set them up with one of their male friends. Or one up her in every story. Don’t be fooled—men pick up on that.

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