What Your Man’s Car Says About Him

November 17, 2011  |  
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Depending on a man’s age, a car can play an integral part of expressing his self-esteem, childish dreams, overall attitude, hard work or complete laziness.  A bright red corvette might say, “hey, I’m completely insecure and never got reassurance from my dad that he accepted me, but now I’m wealthy and can parade around like I don’t care!”  On the flip side, a dirty, rundown piece of junk with parts missing and a constant squeak might reflect a man who can’t afford a tune up, has no clue about cars to fix it himself, or is a complete slob who wouldn’t know how to take care of a woman if his life depended on it.  Check out these 8 traits your man’s car might say about who he is, and how he ranks as boyfriend, or even husband material.

1. He’s planning for the future

You might have a responsible, realistic future man on your hands if he drives something practical like a grey or blue sedan in their original colors, the kind of cars you see everyday and don’t look twice at.  He probably spends little on accessorizing his vehicle other than tinted glass, good for children also, to make it more comfy. He is most likely a man dedicated to other priorities, such as his career, his savings, his Ikea-furnished apartment, his dog… and yes, eventually his wife. This man is comforting, mature, rarely exciting and, unfortunately, usually taken.

2. He’s immature/ or too wealthy for his own good

Most guys want or even dream of owning a fast, sporty, shiny, and very expensive car.  If he’s young and unattached and has money to splurge, he will express his boyishness with a car that is an eye-catching color, think red, yellow or black.  If he shows up at your house in one of these cars you’ll probably jump right in with no hesitation, as you should!  You never know, this could be borrowed from his dad or a rich uncle in town.  Don’t be too pessimistic about the car; you’ll probably be too busy feeling cool to think about anything negative at all!  Just notice if he talks in excess about his car and especially if he has a pet name, like “baby,” for it.  In this case, his car is #1 and all you will ever get is #2.  Also, that materialistic attitude might spill over into your relationship and embarrass you around friends.

3.  He’s girly

A tube of hand cream in the glove compartment may be used to combat dry weather, but not by a guy.  Even a pair of Chap Stick or hair products in the back seat might be a red flag.  No, this doesn’t automatically mean he’s seeing someone else, but it does mean he spends quite a lot of time on himself.  It’s great to find a man who is well groomed and cares about his appearance, but by leaving products in the car, it shows that he is concerned about grooming throughout the day aka too much.  Either he either insists on looking good at all times or he is habitually late for appointments.  If he is having a particularly long day and will need a little freshening before a night out or dinner with you, no problem.  Just be aware and check it out next time you’re in his car.  You certainly don’t want to be fighting for mirror time with you man!

4.  He’s a family man

When you get in his car, do you see a child’s toy in the backseat? This could belong to his nephew or niece like he says, or even to his own child.  However, keeping it in the car says that he is secure with being seen with that child and is not ashamed of his time spent with him.  If he removes a car seat, you’ll be able to tell by a collection of crumbs, wrappers and toys on one seat only; you might have something more to worry about.  He might be hiding the fact that he is a dad, which is a big no no, or be ashamed of a recent family outing with his nephew, also unnecessary.  Bring up children in your conversation and see how he reacts, you’ll know right away if he’s hiding a munchkin of his own.

5.  He’s reserved

Finally, if you don’t see any decoration in his car at all, nothing hanging from the rear view mirror, nothing in the rear window space, no clever bumper stickers and no dashboard ornament, then you can count on him being an extremely intriguing, hard-to-judge man. He does not believe in expressing his ambitions, philosophies and disappointments in his surroundings, so you’re going to have to figure out all of that stuff by yourself. Good luck!  It could also be that he likes things clean and doesn’t want to clutter his space, especially if he spends a lot of time commuting or traveling in his car.

6. He’s seeing another girl

The glove compartment is a treasure trove of information and almost as private to a man as his wallet. Here, you may find signs that he is hiding another woman who is frequently in his car.  Look out for stuffed animals, hair ties, hair clips or jewelry.  Also, any girly lotion or lip-gloss is hopefully not his, and therefore cause for concern.  These could be left over from a trip with his sister, or neighbor he gives a lift to now and again, but be observant when he explains his way out.  If he gets awkward and smiley, there is probably another girl hangin’ around besides you.  If he has a concrete answer and your truth detector has never fooled you, go ahead and believe him, but keep it in the back of your mind and with one more clue he’s a lady’s man… you’re outta there!



7. He cares about his car (and what is says about him) more than you

And then there is the silent purr of a well-maintained engine, all cylinders firing, and the exhaust humming quietly as it should be. This is a man who likes hearing his car run well, and when it does, he feels good. The slightest squeak is a cause for concern. He opens the hood every weekend and spends several hours cleaning, polishing, tuning and caring for his vehicle. You might feel ignored, but at least you’ll have a mechanic to help you with your oil changes, random squeaks, and flat tires!  A bigger issue might be an obnoxiously loud and overbearing engine.  If driving down the street causes people to yell, “be quiet!” and stare in disgust, then you can bet on him having an equally loud and overbearing personality that will eventually drown your voice and opinions in heated arguments. He has modified his car to be like that because he is fed up of being ignored on the road and wants to be seen and heard. He has deep-seated issues with his self-worth that you will find hard to expose and release, and you’ll have to put up with his childish revving in the dead of the night when he wants to announce his arrival.

8. He’s a hard worker

The man with a dusty ride and water-streaked windows straddles the space between two extremes, lazy and conceited. He probably works hard for his money, driving into the city every day for a mediocre job, and is too tired during his free time to waste a minute on his commuting vessel.  The neglect he shows for his car and his health is probably due more to being pressed for time than indifference. Ask him why he does not show his vehicle more respect and he’ll answer: “No time.”  If there are constant mud streaks and a considerable amount of filth covering his car, however, he should man up and give it a good scrubbing.  It’s one thing to have no time for a weekly wash, but quite another to neglect a shocking amount of dirt. If he says he’s waiting for a good rainstorm to help him out, and it’s the dead of summer, it’s time to help yourself to the door.

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