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There is nothing sexier than a man with confidence. Who doesn’t like a little swagger? However, sometimes that charming confidence can morph into annoying arrogance. You know, when brotherman thinks that you should jump through hoops and thank the baby Jesus that you’re with him.  This dude shouldn’t be dating ANY woman. He is already in the perfect relationship–with himself.  Here are seven types of arrogant men that need to eat some humble pie.

Mr. “On-Your-Knees to my Degrees”

This arrogant brother is feeling himself because he has multiple degrees and is working on his second Ph.D. He constantly corrects your English, looks down on your un-scholarly TV viewing habits, and thinks you should be enthralled to hear him discuss 18th century philosophy at every meal. Even if you have similar credentials, this guy thinks that all ladies should worship at the altar of his intelligence. When you break up with him, he complains that you were just intimidated by his braininess and that all you wanted was a “thug.”

Sit down, Boo Boo. Your oversized brain does not give you license to be an oversized jerk.  Also, your high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean that you are interesting and/or fun. Here’s a formula for you: smarts+ humility+sense of Humor = hotness. Hope all those hoarded degrees will keep you warm at night.

Mr. “I usually don’t date Black women”

This Black dude makes it a point to tell you that he usually doesn’t date black ladies, but you know what?  You’re different. *Blink* I suppose that should make a sistah feel special because he made an exception to his self-hating and decided to date you? Does he want a cookie or something?  Does he think that he’s some prize that black women are vying for? If he says that to you, be sure to say that since you usually don’t date a-holes, it won’t work. Don’t be surprised if he says that you are just a typical, impossible-to-please black chick.

Sit down, Boo Boo. You obviously have some stereotypes about black women to work through. You’ve decided to lump us all into one category and label it “un-dateable.” Let the non-black chicks deal with you then. You will not be missed.


Mr. “I’m A Super Deep Artist”

This dude is a poet, musician, painter or writer who uses his art form of choice to feel better than other people. He criticizes your stable job as “conformist” and thinks of himself as more “evolved.” When you dump him, he says that you are simply not creative enough to “get him.”

Sit down, Boo Boo. Your talent and bravery to go against the traditional grain was cute for a minute. However, just because you’ve chosen an artist’s life doesn’t mean everyone else is a corporate drone. Be easy, brotha. Do you, but don’t judge.

Mr. “I’m A Minor-League Celebrity”

“You know, I’m kind of like a big deal.” This type of arrogant guy is a local news anchor, a semi-famous blogger or some other vaguely recognizable personality whose mini-celebrity status has gone right to his head. He expects to get special treatment at every place you go out to and has even uttered those mortifying words: “Do you know who I am?” After you kick him to the curb, he’s shocked that you’d dump a celeb stud like him.

Sit down, Boo Boo.  Your accomplishments are wonderful, but your diva attitude is not a good look. Maybe someday you’ll find a woman who is as fascinated with you as you are with yourself.

Mr. “Pretty Boy”

This dude has been able to pull any woman he wants since he exited the womb. You were struck by his incredible good looks too. Until…he opened his mouth. He gives you smoldering eyes and lets you know that he turned down many other women to be with lucky, lucky you. However, his movie star looks cannot make up for his lack of conversational prowess. Also, more than once you caught him gazing at himself in the mirror across the room, or pretty much anything that offered a reflection. Thus, he doesn’t even notice when you get up and leave.

Sit down, Boo Boo. Looks aren’t everything.  They will fade over time. A pleasing personality is way more important. If you don’t develop the inside, you’ll only be able to get a woman who is uber-superficial.

Mr. Fitness Nazi

This dude is in great shape and stays in the gym, but his impressive physique has made him very arrogant and judgmental. You like to work out and eat healthily as well, but occasionally like to indulge in some mac and cheese or a cupcake. He does NOT approve. Anyone who doesn’t work out six days a week and eat a vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free, carb-free diet is weak in this brotha’s book. At dinner, he counts all your calories and chastises you for any small indulgence.

Sit down, Boo Boo. Life and food are meant to be enjoyed. We should all strive to be healthy and fit, but everything should be enjoyed in moderation.  What good is having a rock-hard physique if people can’t enjoy themselves around you?

Mr.  Super Bourgeois

What woman doesn’t want a man who enjoys the finer things in life? However, this type of man can’t have a good time unless you’re at a 5-star spot at all times. He won’t go to the yummy Thai place on the corner, because it looks “trashy.” His idea of a casual night out is a wine tasting. He looks down on your friends who didn’t finish college and refuses to go to your family reunion because it’s “in the hood.”

Sit Down, Boo Boo. Being classy and discerning is different from being conceited. All people deserve respect no matter what walk of life they hail from.

How do you deal with arrogant men?

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