Kandi Burruss: Her Hair Wins & Womps Over the Years

November 15, 2011  |  
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Depending on what hairstyle she is wearing when you see her, Kandi Burruss can look like a completely different person thanks to some chic and questionable hair moves. We know from watching her on Real Housewives of Atlanta that she loves to change up her color, and if she can’t flip it, curl it, or spike it, then the look won’t last long (reminds me of the game, Bop It!). She’s a beautiful lady with a pretty good and positive spirit, so we’re going to keep that in mind as we go through her hot hair looks and her hot mess hairstyles too. Let us know what you think of her hair game in the comments way down below.


Black and Beautiful

Back around the time when Kandi was singing as Kandi Girl on E-40’s “U and Dat,” she was rocking her hair in a look similar to this: long, sleek black locks. A few curls here and there, some well-executed layers and that on top of the fact that the hair was not so big that it covered up her face or drowned her, this look was was simple, but fun. However, I’m guessing Kandi came to the conclusion that long and curly was the look every chick in the public eye was going for, so she decided to change it up.


The Long and Short of It

Once Kandi started cutting her hair, she played with lengths a lot. Asymmetrical was very popular a few years back, as well as fun bangs, so you would often catch her with this “thing” on the top her of her forehead that would damn near reach her chin. Once again, Kandi is cool, but it looks like there is ferret hanging from the crown of her head. Plus, there is just a whole lot going on here: on top of the bangs being very long, the back is flipped a little, and then there are three different colors in her hair. I’m all about trying something new and fun, but this isn’t fun–it’s kind of frightening actually…


Fresh and Flipped

Okay, so this short flipped look I can do. Aside from the tapered sides, the top of the hair is a similar length, and now that those damn bangs are gone, we can see her face and some of that bone structure. This look is a bit more tasteful and can work for just about any and everything. And while it’s not “conventional” it’s not too much. But that’s just my thought. You?


Color Her Bad

I think this hairstyle was a variation on the hump that everyone and their mothers bumped into their foreheads a few years back. Had this style been all black everything, it might have been a bit more acceptable, but the gold-ish brown at the front, which is darker on her forehead color-wise, is killing me softly. Is it just me or does the hump make her forehead look huge? And what is really going on with the bangs hanging down by her ears too? What the…?


Short On All Sides

Okay, so don’t pay much attention to the outfit, just look up! I like the fact that there is consistency with this style. It’s short on the front, back, and side to side. Nothing is shooting up or sticking up. Instead, homegirl went for the “traditional” curled bangs and layers, something that was probably done with the help of a fancy-smancy rat-tail comb. I also appreciate the color, and that it’s all one shade (not that I’m against highlights), because we know Kandi has an affection for doing the absolute most with some hair color…


Red Head

Speaking of too much, it’s the cockatoo look! Kandi girl wore this mess OUT. When she started dying her hair red, it wasn’t actually this fiery. Instead, it gradually became brighter and brighter and brighter as she experimented with her hairstylist. One minute the shade was a fly purple meets red, then it became fire truck meets Ronald McDonald. Add to that those weird side bangs she likes to do and the fact that when her hair was this Kool-Aid red, her stylist would always flip it up to oblivion (hence the cockatoo title). Nice idea, but the results just didn’t match said idea.


Curly Que

Uh, Kandi, who is that dude? Anywho, loving these curls on the singer-songwriter, especially since I don’t see her wear the look too much. We know she’s been trying her hand at some fun curly styles ever since she gave the short cuts a rest, but these are less tight and full, and are more soft and free. The nice peanut butter brown and chocolate two-tone shades in the curls also look fab, and all that weave still doesn’t wind up smothering her face. I guess that’s what ‘ol dude is there for.


When Your Weave is Too Long, It’s Wrong

Kandi has been trying her hand at long locks with the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, or at least during promotional events, and we’ve seen some good and bad lengths. This look I like up until it gets to her chin: had the hair stopped there, it would have been full and fresh. But no, her stylist had to go and add like 30 feet of extra hair that comes below her boobs (that’s SO long) and doesn’t even curl like the rest of her locks. The color is nice, but that last bit of weave looks more like a scarf that is part of her outfit rather than a piece meant to be part of her hair.


Curls for the Win!

It’s always nice to end on a good note, so I thought I’d give Burruss some props for these bountiful and bounc-iful curls. I like everything about this look (I’m talking strictly hair though), from the side part to the variation in color and how clean these spirals came out. She may not always come out the house with a hairstyle you want to covet, but I’ll give the girl some credit for not being afraid to be bold. What do you think of her hair hits and misses?

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