Why A Revenge Body Is A Bad Idea

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If you’re not familiar with the show “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian,” it’s a show on the E! Network, in which Khloe Kardashian coaches recently dumped individuals, hoping to get back in shape, in order to get back at an ex. According to Khloe, looking good is the best revenge. But I have my own thoughts about revenge (like, should it happen at all?) and the delicate relationship that exists between one’s fitness goals and their sense of self-worth. I don’t necessarily think one’s anger towards an ex should muddy the already stormy and challenging waters of trying to be in shape. I think that post-breakup, people should be focusing on loving themselves on not hating the ex. That’s just one of the reasons I disapprove of the revenge body. Here are all the reasons a revenge body is a bad idea.


He’s not looking

First off, it’s highly unlikely your partner is even watching this body transformation that you’re blasting online. A lot of people block their exes after a breakup or at least try not to look at their profiles too often. And even if he is looking, he’s probably missing whatever message you think you’re sending. I highly doubt he’s thinking, “Wow. She sure is showing me.”








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Anger shouldn’t be your fuel

You shouldn’t get in the habit of looking to anger as motivation to exercise. After all, you won’t be angry forever. One day, you’ll be happy again and you’ll be over this guy. But since you won’t know what motivates you besides anger, you could easily fall out of your new gym routine and put all the weight back on. You should learn to look to positive forms of inspiration to get in shape—that’s what’s sustainable.








Shouldn’t your body be for you?

Isn’t it a little, well, anti-feminist to believe that the only good reason to be in shape is for the attention of a man? It’s not very healthy to allow outside events and dynamics to affect your physical health so much. You should want to live healthy and be in shape for you, all of the time, regardless of what’s happening in your life and who is watching you.








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You can push yourself too far

Anger-based workouts can be a little dangerous. You may push yourself a little too hard because you’re picturing your ex’s face when he sees you. Next thing you know, you could pull a muscle or pass out while you’re climbing a rock wall.











You should be actively not thinking about him

If you want to get over this guy, you should be tailoring your life in such a way that you think about him less and less. Signing up for a two-month workout boot camp and a six-week supply of some juice cleanse, all to get revenge on the ex, doesn’t exactly help put this guy out of your mind.











Revenge is immature

Revenge is immature. Revenge involves wishing some negative experience on another person. So long as you wish that, you are still deeply hurting on the inside. Mature people understand that making someone else feel bad never helps them feel any better. You should be focusing on making yourself happy and not someone else unhappy.









He shouldn’t want you back for your body

The thing nobody wants to see about the revenge body is that you go for it to make your ex want you back. But if that goal is achieved—if your ex comes crawling back all because you look hot—you’ll find yourself feeling pretty sad. How superficial of a relationship that must be in order for a guy to go back to a woman he already knows he isn’t happy with, all because she looks good.








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Fitness can be expensive

Getting in shape is rarely cheap. Between the gym membership, the personal trainer sessions, the new workout clothes, the juices, and the classes, this revenge body could cost you hundreds of dollars. If you drop hundreds of dollars to get the attention of an ex then, wouldn’t you say he is the one getting some sort of revenge? Oops.










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You need some comfort food right now

If you’re getting over a breakup, your brain is depleted of many of the chemicals that usually make you feel happy. You need to replenish those through things like pasta and ice cream. You don’t need to go on a restrictive diet at a time like this.









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And you need some rest right now

You also need sleep right now—sleep fixes everything. Your revenge body regiment probably doesn’t include much of it. In fact, this revenge body probably means getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise or hitting the gym late at night after work. But being sleep-deprived causes stress, and you already have enough of that after a breakup.






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Shouldn’t good men get the good body?

So, as of now, pissing off a not-so-great-guy motivates you to work out. Alright—what happens when you start dating a really wonderful guy who pays you all the attention in the world and tells you how perfect you are? You’ll probably stop exercising and get back into your old shape. That’s not fair. Shouldn’t the new, good guy get the great bod?







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It’s painfully obvious

While your ex may not notice the relentless gym selfies and rants about how great your body is looking and feeling, everyone else will. Everybody else has to put up with these blatant cries for attention and it’s driving them insane. Why are you doing this to your friends?










Spend that money on a trip

Instead of spending money on expensive gym memberships spend it on something that will heal your heart and develop your mind right now. Go on a trip, take a night class, go on a meditation retreat. These things will make you happier for much longer than a revenge body will.








No Love On Tinder


The creeps will roll in

Oh let’s not forget who else is watching your revenge body online: the creeps. Get ready for a lot of gross messages from guys who assume all of these ab selfies are for them.










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It never elicits the response you want

It’s quite uncommon that the revenge bod ever elicits the response you want. This can leave you feeling exhausted, broke and feeling really silly that you went through all this effort for a man who didn’t deserve it. Revenge never feels as good as anyone thinks it will.

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