Exercises That Won’t Sweat Your Hair Out

October 13, 2011  |  
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Along with some of the recent changes that have taken place in my life, I decided to temporarily abandon my platinum status membership card of the
wonderful world of weave and allow my natural tresses to breathe.  I am quickly remembering what frustrates me so much about wearing natural hair: It’s all fine and good when you’re fresh from the beauty salon, but the least bit of vigorous activity will have sweat taking your hair from silky straight to creeping slowly up your neck.

After spending 20 minutes curling my hair to perfection, imagine the disappointment I experienced when after a speedy walk to work, my curls barely resembled a loose wave.  I can definitely sympathize with women who avoid working out so that the hair which sometimes takes so much energy and money to maintain won’t sweat out.  But you don’t have to sacrifice your health for Hot hair. High-intensity workouts definitely have their pros, but many woman fear that they’ll have to sport a head full of frizzy hair on top of their newfound weight-loss. Low-intensity workouts have benefits as well though, including decreased blood pressure, increased flexibility and lower levels of stress.  Here’s a few exercises that will keep you fit and won’t require a daily visit to the hair salon:

*Note: If you’re one to sweat profusely very easily, we can’t guarantee these workouts will work for you, but it never hurts to try!

1.  Yoga

Yoga is a practice in which you transition through different poses and postures that focus on balancing the mind and body through controlled breathing.  Yoga helps improve concentration as well as flexibility.  More than a form of exercise, yoga is also a lifestyle that includes improving your diet, meditation to help find inner-peace, and deal with stress, becoming more in tune with nature. One note of advice though, stay far away from hot yoga for hair purposes.

2.  Walking

Walking is an easy way to get in your daily dose of physical activity while multi-tasking.  To increase your cardiovascular health, try to squeeze in as much walking as possible while completing your daily routines. Take the stairs instead of using the escalator.  Walk to the mailbox or store instead of driving.  If you’re the proud owner of an adorable pooch, take him/her along as well.  Walking is a great way to build endurance without ending up in a puddle of sweat, and you can still get some good exercise without walking too, too fast. Especially if you can find an indoor facility to do so when weather isn’t too sunshine-y and happy.

3.  Domestic Duties

Another good reason to pull out the mop and broom is that not only will it keep your house in tip-top shape, but it can also help your body to look its best.  According to Jennipher Walters, certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, activities such as dusting and taking out the trash will help burn about 170 calories an hour for an 150 pound person. Washing windows and scrubbing floors can burn more than 250 calories an hour, and raking can burn 137 calories in 30 minutes.

 4.  Water Sports

Although we’re focusing on how to keep our hair frizz-free, water sports are actually a great way to get an intense work out while staying cool.  A swimming cap can help tresses stay moisture-free, so you can whip your hair back forth after whipping your body back into shape while participating in a water aerobics class. Swimming can be as relaxing or as fun as you want it to be and it’s a great way to get a good workout in without feeling like you’re “exercising.”

5.  Tai Chi

One 30-minute session of Tai Chi burns 84 calories for a 150 pound man.  The practice, which is rooted in martial arts, promotes fitness, strength,
coordination and balance through stretching and meditation.  Tai Chi focuses on circulating, developing and balancing your “chi” or spiritual energy, so that you can focus on your inner peace and not about worrying if your hair looks crazy.

6.  Strength Training

The great thing about activities like lifting weights or doing push-ups, lunges or squats is that they don’t require a lot of heavy perspiration.  Strength
training will also help boost up your metabolism, and by taking quick 30-second breaks between activities, you can help increase both your strength and the longevity of your hairstyle.

7.  Dancing

Classes like belly dancing are great ways to burn calories and have fun. Your basic two-step can help build your cardiovascular health, and as long as you don’t try to pull a Chris Brown routine you should be able to keep your ‘do in decent shape while you get your Dougie on.

8.  Pilates

Pilates is similar to yoga, but its purpose is to strengthen the core and improve body posture.  Pilates won’t necessarily have you working up a sweat, but it will have your abs burning by blending the breathing elements of yoga and exercises for endurance to strengthen your back and abdomen.
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