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In your everyday moving and shaking, how many times do you see people do things they should know better not to do? If you were to tap them on the shoulder and say “COVER YOUR MOUTH” or “STOP SCRATCHING YOUR PRIVATES IN PUBLIC!” you would probably look uber bitchy, so instead, you just put your head down and give them a shake of it. We can all behave a little ratchet from time to time when it comes to having good manners, but on this list are just a few manners people are lacking that personally drive me up the wall. Whether they are happening to me or people around me, I can’t go for it, and you might catch me giving you the death face if you do these things and I’m around. Feel free to chime in below with the things you can’t stand.

Not Believing in Personal Space

I don’t care if I’m on an escalator, on the train, or in the line at the dollar store (shout out to the dollar store shoppers!), it never fails. I could be near the end of a line of people or in the beginning of it, and some person is going to find a way to stand so close to me that not only can I feel their bag bump my booty, but I can damn near feel their breath on my neck. BACK UP! You’re probably just as ready to get off the escalator to high tail it to work as I am, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to try the stand-in role of my Siamese twin. Don’t be surprised if you do this and someone turns around and burns a hole into your brain with their eyes. Space. Everyone needs it.

Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit You for One Reason or Another

Just the other day I was sitting on the train, and a young woman walked on with black leggings that fit to her legs like liquid, except for the back. Her crack was out for the world to see as she was trying to decide where to sit. ANYWHERE! Just get your behind out of my face and into your pants! Those joints must have been an extra small! And homegirl was no XS. And this goes for women who go to everyday places with their kids, holding their hands while wearing skirts that barely cover their bottom, or dress scantily clad around other people’s children. And of course, to the fellas that wear jeans that fit like Hammer pants, I’m still waiting on you to get a belt. Christmas present maybe?

Giving Out Other People’s Phone Numbers and Info

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, give out anyone’s phone number without asking that man or woman. As common of knowledge as this might be for a lot of you, there are still hellas of folks getting duped into giving out other people’s numbers. Most times, if a person doesn’t have an individuals number, it’s because they don’t want to have it. So do that person and yourself a favor (so you don’t get snapped on for being the middle man) and ask said man or woman first if it’s all good. And if they sound like they’re selling something, just play crazy…(“Who are you looking for? Don’t know that name…”)

TOO Much PDA in Confined Spaces

I’m all about young love, but on the train home, I would rather not see what looks like two 16 year olds backing each other into a corner or standing against the doors all up on each other. Especially when I have to stand next to you due to lack of space. Yesterday, I saw two teens hugged up on each other, his hand on her behind, all out in the open, with the young lady leaned on him like they were alone. They weren’t. The train was extremely crowded, and older folks were giving them the boo boo face. But I’ve seen worse (sad face). This also goes to the man stands in front of his girl as she sits down, face all bent down to hers so she can barely breathe while the people sitting extremely close stare on in horror. PLEASE get a room and some tact.

The Jack Butt Who Plays His Music Out Loud

Isn’t it 2011? Don’t they sell headphones everywhere??? Unless you have the first cell phone ever made that came with a suitcase, you need to find some and plug them into your phone. I don’t care if it’s 7 a.m. on the train, or 7 p.m., I do not want to hear that new Rick Ross, the uncensored version of course, while I’m trying to sit and collect my thoughts for a hectic day. I don’t know who told people this is what’s hot on the streets, but it’s tacky as all get out! I’m not talking about dropping $200 for some Beats By Dre, but I know the dollar store has to have something to help you keep that crap you call music to yourself.

Not Covering Your Mouth For Anything

This one goes out to the yawners, the coughing folk–either one, because both are bad. I understand that everyone gets sick from time to time, but before you make the choice to struggle to get to work so you can complain and get others sick, know that covering that mouth is essential. Cover it with a tissue, your hand, the inside of your arm–whatever. The minute a spit particle flies, know that someone is probably going to go berzerk on you if it comes their way. And yawners, whether you just woke up or happen to be on your way home, your mouth probably doesn’t have a Mentos in it, so cover that hole. Thanks.

Not Waiting For Other People to Get Off Public Transportation Before You Get On

Where are you trying to go??? There’s something so irritating about people who walk on the train the minute the doors open that I want to rush them WWE style and yell, “You wait!” (Too much?) It’s extremely rude, especially when a large number of people are trying to get off the train or bus in time in order to get on connecting modes of transportation. Do better!

Cursing In Front of Any and Everyone

This bothers me to the core. Don’t get me wrong, I curse often, but you’ll rarely hear me curse in front of young people, kids, and older people in public or behind closed doors. But some folks love to get together (mob mentality?) and start talking and acting crazy, and before you know it, a B-word has been shouted, and a few N-words. I literally cringe when I watch people curse in front of their elders. It’s so uncouth that it’s vexing. Do what you want when you’re at home, but give everybody a break. We didn’t come in the store, or on the train to hear your own personal take on Eddie Murphy’s Raw.

When Tall People Stand in Front of You at Live Events

I’m a tall person, so I know a lot of the anger we can receive from people for being in the way at concerts and live events. Therefore, I try and get to events early so I can have a close view, and people know what to expect if they get behind me. That’s one thing. But if people have been waiting for a performance for a long time, and your trilfing behind waltzes in five minutes before the show is set to start trying to stand in front of people at a giant six foot anything, these days, someone is going to have an out-of-body experience with you. At one of Beyonce’s recent concerts, a blasted standing only set, a tall guy had the nerve to tell a lady he was sorry that she was so short. WHAT THE!? There’s not enough “woosas” good enough to not lose your mind.

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