Exclusive: The “Conscious Stripper” Explains Why She Exposed Dr. Umar Johnson

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CB: Did you ever confront him about his inconsistencies?

KR: Yes…He was more concerned about his image and his career. He confirmed to me that it was about self. People appreciate you more if you show them that you are human and how you deal with problems. That is what motivates and inspires people. Not pretending to be something that you are not while condemning others for not being what you pretend to be. I thought the idea was to try to make everybody feel like they are of value, not just him and his career. It is about all of us and not just about one person trying to be the savior and the leader of it all. That’s why I left the church because I am not into that idol worship. And that is why I am on a mission now to make sure that all young girls and boys feel confident about themselves and not feel like anybody is above them.

CB: So that is when you decided to release the text messages?

KR: Yeah, because he could have just walked away, and nobody would have never known that he was dating this stripper. But for me, I couldn’t have this on my conscious. Plus, two years have gone by since he started his campaign. Children are still not being educated. How many children are still waiting for this school to open up? But we are waiting on somebody who is making false promises.

CB: So you put him on blast, and he has issued a statement where he blames you for losing a million-dollar donation. Do you think there is any truth to that?

KR: No. I think that is totally false.

CB: What do you think about his response, in particular, calling you a “maggot” and saying that you entrapped him?

KR: I am not surprised at all by his response because it is exactly what I learned about him. And that is basically he is a liar and he is doing damage control right now. I mean, you can look at his response and the texts and you can see the lies all through it. And as far as the name calling, I have never called him a name.

CB: What do you say to people who call you an agent provocateur?

KR: It is foolishness. And it is something that he has programmed them to think. He said the same thing on The Roland Martin Show. It was a show about relationships. The phone lines got messed up, and he told the audience that it was the FBI. So when he keeps telling people that the FBI is after them, they will start to believe that lie. Umar has never been a threat to anybody. All he is doing is promoting his events.

CB: Did he have any relationships with your son?

KR: Yeah, he met my son at the Garvey event. And my son was with me when we went to Dr. Ben-Jochannan’s funeral. Umar was the one who drove us home. My son is not fond of Umar, and he has never been. I should have listened.

CB: And how does your son feel about him now?

KR: Well, he really has a disdain for him. But what he learned from it is how he should treat a woman.

CB: My last question is do you feel bitter about the situation?

KR: No.

CB: Do you feel empowered?

KR: Actually I do. When you go through things, you learn about yourself. And it makes you stronger.


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