Where Are They Now? 8 Of The Most Notorious, Talented, and Ratchet Viral Video Stars

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Hey Readers!  You know those times when you’re cruising the web or Youtube and you stumble across a hilarious video, and before you know it, it goes viral?  Or you see it being discussed on the news, television shows, and being mocked on programs like “The Soup” or the former “The Dish” and even mentioned in printed publications?  Because of the popularity of these videos, many of the participants became well-known.  But where are these people who have inspired laughter, hope, mockery and/or awe?  Well….

Chris Crocker

Yes, the “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!” guy.  Britney Spears was going through a hard time; what with the divorce, custody battle, shaving her head, and just being affiliated with Kevin Federaline.  So, MTV gave her an opportunity to have a comeback performance.  But after she bombed and began receiving a lot of flack for it, Chris Crocker went to his Youtube account and created this video telling people to “LEAVE HER ALONE!”  The video had 4 million views in 2 days!

Before the Britney video, he already had a following, and his videos on Myspace and Youtube all averaged about a million views each. After the Britney video he released a few singles that charted high on iTunes.  His first EP is called “The First Bite.”  He released an HBO  documentary named “Me @ the Zoo” which follows his rise to video stardom and the correlation of the evolution of the internet.  He’s set to have a role in an indie film, which will start taping in 2013, he also is rumored to have just appeared in his first adult movie.  But no matter what, he has continued making Youtube videos as a way to get his views out to the world.


Iman Crosson/Alphacat

During a time when the 2008 election tension was extremely palpable, Iman Crosson won an Obama impersonation contest through Denny’s and decided to use his talent to impersonate Barack Obama to the tune of T.I.’s “You Can Have Whatever You Like” entitled “Whatever I Like.” After the then candidate became the current president, Crosson posted the video and in a matter of months had over 11 million views.

Since, Iman Crosson has been heralded as one of the top Obama impersonators, appearing on different networks and even personally performing for Aretha Franklin in 2009 for her birthday.  He also did product promotions for companies like Sanyo and Carls Jr. (Hardees to some/me.) Creating the moniker Alphacat, he created a Youtube account where he has posted multiple Obama impersonation videos, and when the earthquake hit Haiti, he and fellow Youtube performer/singer Lisa Lavie did a “We Are the World” Haiti edition that raised money for the victims.

He continues to upload videos, and recently did another Obama spoof to “I Don’t Like.” He’s a working actor and is reportedly in talks with networks. He is also appearing on Deepak Chopra’s “30 Days of Intent,” and he also performs and competes in a dance troupe in LA.  OH!  He also does a GREAT Drake impression too!

Antoine Dodson

In 2010, after his sister was assaulted by a man who tried to rape her, who would have known that a protective brother’s indignation was going to bring so much joy to so many people?  Antoine Dodson, who attacked the assailant, causing him to flee, was interviewed by his local news station where he warned the viewers:  “Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, and hide yo husbands because they raping everybody out here!”

After the video hit  Youtube it became a hit, and then converted into multiple songs;  but it was the one by the Gregory Brothers that really took off.  The Gregory Brothers’ song was not only a hit, but actually landed on the Billboard charts.  The money from the song, and the merchandising that Antoine did, gave him enough money to move his family from “the hood.”  He shot a reality show pilot about him and his family as they adjusted to their new lives outside of Huntsville, but it hasn’t been set to air yet.  After being arrested twice (once for marijuana possession and once for violating a noise ordinance) he’s back on his grind and to set to appear in the movie The Chronicles of Rick Roll which is supposed to be released sometime this year.


Scarlet Takes a Tumble

Never has a video brought up so many random questions like:  What song was she singing?  Has she ever tried out for a singing competition (because the girl has a voice)?  Why did she think it was a good idea to stand up on that table?  Why did she lift her pants leg up in mid song?  But no matter how many questions this video raises, after you get over that initial shock of “OH MY GOD!”  it’s hard to not acknowledge the comedic effect it had on those who watched it, and even the songstress who uploaded the video herself.

Scarlet appeared on an episode of Tyra Bank’s former talk show expressing how much love she’s gotten from posting the video.  However, in this annoying age of internet bullies and thugs, she has gotten a lot of flack as well.  According to her Youtube profile:

“I have one video and lately I’ve been recieving a lot of flack people calling me fat saying I’m stupid and stuff like that. I posted this because I want to help people in theese hard times that we are having. I just want to give people a laugh everybody does stupid stuff and everyone falls. Mine is just a little more public than others. I know that I am beautiful, intelligent and fabulous. And I just want all the haters to know you’re just fuel to my fire, you make me stronger…”

Sweet Brown

After a fire was extinguished, an interviewer decided to ask the then unknown “Sweet Brown” about her reactions to the fire.  Gems such as:  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” and “I wanted a cold pop!” were born and with that people were divided in trying to decipher the intentions of the interviewers.  But no matter if the interviewer was trying to be funny, Sweet Brown made an impact.

When the video went viral Sweet Brown initially didn’t like the video because she felt like it made her into a mockery.  But people fell in love with her charm and started sending her products to endorse (mostly local soda companies).  Here she is in a local television commercial.

Epic Beard Man/Thomas Brusso

On a bus, a lot of things can happen, but apparently a lot of punches seem to happen on this public vehicular behemoth and that’s were Epic Beard Man enters.  Getting into an argument with a fellow bus passenger, things got real when the 67 year old bearded fellow punched his 50 year old counterpart repeatedly.  Once thrown off the bus, he and his fanny pack went off into the yonder, only to be thought of again once this video went viral.

After the bus brawl gained popularity on Youtube, another video of the Vietnam Veteran getting tasered by the police at a baseball game was uploaded when he resisted arrest (side-eye) and sent for psychiatric evaluation.  He’s done interviews and addressed the incident on the bus, but as of now, he’s seemed to have kept a low profile.  However, his fight was inspiration for the Danny Trejo movie Bad A$$.

Tay Zonday/Adam Nyerere Bahner/Chocolate Rain guy

While Adam Bahner was a grad student in Minnesota and he recorded himself singing his own song, “Chocolate Rain,” I don’t think he anticipated the hype it was going to get.  When his video appeared on Youtube’s front page, it garnered millions of views and opened the door for the singer.

Since, he has done interviews, has gotten work as a voice actor, and has done endorsements for companies like Dr. Pepper.  He still sings songs on his Youtube channel where he has gotten over 100 million views on his videos.

Rebecca Black

What teenager doesn’t want to break out in a little song or dance when you look at the calendar and realize that it’s Friday?  While some click their heels and others share a celebratory hi-five, Rebecca Black created a musical ode to the day and her accompanying music video made her an international viral phenom.

Once the video gained momentum, she decided to be homeschooled to focus on her music career.  Her song was used in an episode of “Glee,” and she appeared in the Katy Perry video T.G.I.F.  Ryan Seacrest decided to help her get signed to DB Entertainment (and we all know that if Ryan Seacrest is rooting for you, you’re in good hands *cough*Kardashians*cough.*

She’s released 4 singles since, and when the 2011 Japanese earthquakes hit, she donated the money she made from her song “Friday” to help the victims.

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