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Awww yeah, Readers!  We’re at it again with another VH1 reality dating show Where Are They Now? We’ve already covered the women of all three seasons of Flavor of Love, the men of the two seasons of I Love New York, and now we’re here with Ray-J’s brood of women.

When Ray J got the opportunity to have his own dating show, he made sure to raise the bar, specifically with his mansion, the  quality of dates (no closed KFC) and specifically the quality of women on the show.  With all of these measures, especially after his sex tape with Ms. Kardashian gained popularity, his dating show became the number one dating show on the network each season it appeared.

But where are these luscious ladies now?  Why, how nice of you to ask:


When Ray met this tall, half Russian half Black femme, he named her Caviar.  This 5’10 model spent more time talking to her photographer, Chicago Larry (who creepily whispered and spoke in third person), than spending time with Ray, and it was the reason she got the boot.   Where is she now?

After the show, she was romantically linked to Bobby Vand went the requisite video vixen route, appearing in videos with R-Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Twista, and had bit pieces in the movies Witless Protection and Discipline.  She now does Adult Videos, being named as one of the 50 hottest black Adult Videos stars and is infamous in that field for literally breaking a man’s… joy stick… icky…


Even though Fiesty just barely broke 5 feet, her presence was huge for the few episodes she was there.  Big on drinking, and big on the purchased boobies, she was there to have a good time.  But Ray eliminated her when he said he wanted more.  (Really?)

After the show, Fiesty went back to Miami and appeared in a music video for Pitbull.  She also appeared in multiple magazines, was a Playboy model and appeared on “I Love Money 4.”

Lil’ Hood

My heart went out to Lil’ Hood.  She really seemed to like Ray, but felt like she was getting played.  Ever since her failed rap during the talent portion of the show, Ray began to distance himself from her so she left (without letting him know how spoiled she thought he was).

Now, Li’l Hood is still modeling and doing promo gigs.  She appeared in a movie called Chillerama and she still parties with other Ray J castoffs.  She also was on the defunct “I Love Money” season 3.


Chardonnay made her presence and intentions known from jump street.  On the first episode she dropped to a split and bounced it for Ray.  Second episode, made herself into a human banana split.  Even though she had gifts, she also did her best to prove that she had intelligence as well.  However, Ray saw her as more of a friend and let her go in a surprising elimination.

But, we saw her again as she came back for season 2 to judge the girls, but that just reignited her desire for the Ray.  After, she toured looking for the Next Miss Banana Split, premiered a clothing line, is still promoting clubs, and started a Breast Cancer charity dedicated to her mother who passed from cancer in 2004 named the Donna Nolley Foundation.


When Monica Leon popped on the scene, tattoo on face and one on her neck, she was an immediate standout.  The Latina made an instant connection with Ray, but also made instant enemies with some of the girls.  Even though she smashed the homie, Ray kept her ’til the final 3, but she eliminated herself when she found out that they were meeting her family.

Besides helping a young writer with an article (THANKS, MONICA!) she has stayed busy.  She had an on again off again smear campaign against Ray, his sexuality and Hollywood, but they seemed to bury the hatched.  She was an extra in Janky Promoters, and has done a lot of modeling.  She was romantically linked to Tyrin Turner (from Menace II Society fame), and had a daughter with Gabriel Cannon (Nick Cannon’s brother) but she married a man named Gizmo and had a beautiful baby girl.  Though the first year of her baby’s life was smeared with ugly rumors of post partum depression, losing her daughter in a custody battle, and arson, she and her daughter seem happy together now.


Danger’s main rival.  Already established in the entertainment industry as a reporter, she had already met Ray by interviewing him.  Wanting to pursue a career in singing, she showed off her chops, though usually forgetting the words of her own songs.  Choosing to go the classy route, she tried to win Ray over with her mind, rather than her body.

According to Media Takeout, she and singer Joe just got engaged.  They moved in together in Atlanta while she owns her own management company.


Joanna Hernandez was seen as a seasoned reality show contestant on the show.  Before appearing on for the “Love of Ray J,” she was on the first season of “Bad Girls Club” where her tag line was:  “If you’re rich, I’m your b**ch.”  This got thrown up in her face later on in the season, but Ray J got past it because he felt like he had a genuine connection with Cocktail, so he picked her and their life was happily ever after… until…

Videos and tweets of Ray J and Tila Tequila expressing their love for one another started swirling, even though he was claiming that he was with Cocktail.  Knowing that he was cheating, Cocktail broke up with him, and told him about himself during the second season reunion episode.

She appeared in Ginuwine’s music video Trouble, linked to Audrina Patridge’s brother Mark for a small minute, and still go-go dances in Las Vegas.

Season 2


She started off really sweet and wanting to have a connection with Ray J, but then she switched and started being an b**ch to the other girls.  Feeling like Ray was dating Sybil, he dropped her.

She was linked to Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Olympic Sprinter in 2010 and now has a video on Worldstar Hip Hop.


This girl started off with a connection with Ray J that made the other ladies so mad that they literally threw a drink in her face. (“Shut up your mouth!”)  After spilled liquor was involved, she cooled it, and was eliminated by Ray when he felt her immaturity began to show (that and the fact that she peed in one of his plants when the bathroom was like ten feet away), but she thought it was because she wouldn’t get down and dirty with him.

She relatively stays quiet now.  She seems to still be in contact with a few of the girls, particularly Exotica, and she’s just back to being herself.


She held the cocktail that splashed all over Flossy’s face.  The bartender who was revealed to have had a pimp, a past in drug usage, and being a stripper, according to a lie detector test episode, was eliminated after these revelations.

Leaving the reality tv behind, she went to her love of music and released an album on her myspace page in 2010, she appeared in music videos, she plans to write a book, and release a movie series with her being the lead based off the book series The Daughters of Hustle.


The multi-racial lady was known for her curly do, and adorable accent.  However, Ray felt like the two never got a chance to really know each other, so… she was out.

She went back to doing photo shoots and a few years ago she and Natalie Nunn claimed that they were working on a new show project while dissing Kat Stacks.  The show never came to fruition though.


Was it just me, or did this girl look a little like Mariah Carey?  Anyway, she came in third place.  She suffered the dreaded “smash the homies” debacle that Danger did first season, and because she was celibate, Ray cut the cord.

She did the requisite modeling for magazines like Maxim and SHOW, club promoting, and a charity shoe benefit with other VH1 reality ladies.  She currently models and is trying to pursue an acting career, but very recently she had nude photos of herself leaked.


Platinum moved like a butterfly in the competition.  Never making too much a stir, but always catching the attention of Ray to make it to the final 2.   Feeling like he had more of a connection with Mz. Berry, he let her go.

She has been extremely quiet since.  After the show, she went back to school in hopes of being a nurse and opening a detox spa.

Mz. Berry

Named after the beautiful actress, the then 32 year old came wanting to truly be with Ray J.  After Ray seemed to really be feeling her, and accepting of her two children, they seemed to find a good connection.  Beating out the other ladies, she and Ray boarded a private jet and flew off to Dumpsville.  Population: all of the other people who go on reality TV looking for love.

After, she went back to being a Realtor but started doing fashion shows, photo shoots, motivational speaking engagements, writing a book and started acting in plays.

Well, there you have it, a few of the ladies from For the Love of Ray-J.  Did we mention your favorite?  Did you check out the links?  Let us know what you think!

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