7 Signs You’re A Jealous Girlfriend and 7 Ways to Stop

October 17, 2012  |  
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Okay ladies, we know that no one is perfect and we all have our character flaws, but one of the biggest and most common flaws that many females suffer from is being jealous. Jealousy stems from all sorts of things, but the fact is that going through life with a jealous outlook just won’t do, especially when it comes to relationships. Remember, you want a man who respects a confident woman, so you’ll want to fit the bill. Here are 7 signs that you are a jealous girlfriend and 7 ways to grow out of it, quickly!

Boys night out is terror-inducing.

Guys will always want time with their boys, but when you interfere with nights out with his friends, it’s more than likely due to insecurity and jealousy that he’s having fun without you.

You have a mental GPS on him.

Needing to know where your boyfriend is and who he is with at all times definitely shows that you’re not trusting and probably jealous. Keeping tabs on him is definitely draining.

You hate that your boyfriend has female friends.

Most guys have a few friends that are of the opposite sex, but when you start to resent that fact, there’s a problem.

Talk of his past relationships is a no-no.

If your boyfriend mentions his past relationships with girls and you find yourself getting heated and feeling threatened, you’re most likely jealous and insecure.

You get really mad if you catch him staring.

Everyones eyes wander, so don’t expect that your boyfriend won’t glance at another female once in awhile. Getting angry, sad, and anxious over your boyfriend looking at another woman is a sign of pure jealousy.

You’re constantly keeping in contact.

While there’s nothing wrong with sending a few texts and calling your boyfriend throughout the day, constant communication may be a sign that you’re simply checking up on him.

You accuse him of flirting 24/7.

No one wants their boyfriend to flirt with other girls, but sometimes he is just being nice. Constantly accusing your boyfriend of flirting and looking for another woman is problematic.

Start communicating

Communication in a relationship is vital and if you’ve been feeling jealous, talk to your partner about it so that he better understands.

Learn to love yourself

One of the biggest causes of jealousy is low self-esteem. When you’re in a relationship, not only should you love the one you’re with, but you have to love yourself.

Understand what a healthy relationship is

If you’re able to recognize and know that your jealous antics and feelings aren’t right, you’re on the path to understanding what a truly healthy relationship is.

Stop your jealous actions

Constantly checking up on your boyfriend, going through his phone, and stalking him on Facebook all needs to stop before the feelings of jealousy will go away.

Reassess your relationship

Jealousy can be caused by a bad relationship and if you’ve found that the jealousy has sprouted due to your partner’s actions, now is a good time to rethink.

Let go of the past

Baggage from past relationships can drag you down and can keep you in the realm of a jealous girl. Find a way to accept the past and move on from it.

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