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August 8, 2012  |  
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If you’re not paying attention, it might seem like celebrities have it all together, like everything is in control. But if you take a closer look, you’ll start to realize that, like everyday people, some celebrities can’t hide their personal trials and tribulations from the public eye, no matter how hard they might try. The following are a list of celebs who seem, or are actually going through something and we’d like to give a hug to help them through.


We’ve known for a while that Kanye is a sensitive type of dude. There’s nothing wrong with that; but his sensitivities, when not properly dealt with, can turn into behaviors that read like major cries for attention. There have been the concert tirades talking about his ex Amber Rose, the random and unnecessary stabs at his current boo’s ex husband, the major shift, and some would argue downgrade in his lyrical content and then the whole dating Kim Kardashian thing. Not only is he dating her but he’s appearing on her reality show. It just seems like such a far cry from the guy we used to rock with. We still can’t help but think that Kanye has yet to deal with the death of his mom and for that we just want to give Kanye a big bear hug and let him know it’s gon’ be alright.


Oh Fanny! I just love you. Your music,  your personality your struggle. I want you to win so badly. But ever since your rise to the top on “American Idol,” it just seems like you were living Biggie’s words. “Mo money, mo problems.” There was the altercation with your dad, the reality TV show where we saw just how much your family took advantage of you, the money problems, and then the relationship with Antoine, a married man. We’re not here to judge because you warned us about that, telling us at Essence Music Fest that instead of talking about you, we should pray for you. We hear you and just want to offer a digital hug and hope that things start to look up.


If you’ve followed Eminem’s career, just a little bit, you know that he’s a troubled soul. From the beginning he used his music as his therapy, telling us all about the drama with his mom, his ex wife and even his internal struggles with drug addiction and depression. After his break from releasing his own records, (he was producing), we hear that he’s currently in the studio working on another album. It would seem that things are going well for him but we’ve wanted to give Marshall a hug since he first hit the scene. That man has been through a lot.


We understand Ri Ri is still young and if there were ever a time to spread your wild oats, now is that time. But we also know that the things we do in our youth can come back to haunt us later. Her cryptic twitter messages and beefs (with other celebs and even regular folk) and the fact that she can’t seem to leave her troubled ex alone (personally or professionally) are all causes for raised eyebrows. Do your thing Rihanna, just be careful. We also want to hug Rihanna because we know how close she was to the grandmother she just lost. We’re hoping that she takes all the time she needs to heal from this loss.


Maaan! My opinion about a person never changed quicker than when I was watching DMX on Vh1’s “Couple’s Therapy.” Initially, he came off as a very immature monster, who could care less about his estranged wife Tashera. But the more we learned about him, the more we understood the depth and dysfunction behind his actions. The man had major mommy issues. And when a man has issues with the first woman who was supposed to show him love, it only makes sense that he would struggle to relate to every other woman that comes into his life, whether he loves her or not. Sure, his mommy issues don’t completely excuse his despicable behavior but we understand he’s still hurting and for that he deserves… needs a hug.

Lil Kim

Lil Kim is another one who has had a rough life. She had a troubled childhood, which included periods of homelessness with her mom. She was in love with a man she couldn’t have, she went to jail for a crime she didn’t commit, and most recently it seems like she just can’t come to terms with the very attractive face she was born with. Lil Kim needs a hug because in the last decade, she’s had to accept the hard lesson that all the people she thought were down for her, didn’t value her freedom. And the friends she has around her now, won’t tell her that she’s gone way too far with the knife.

50 Cent

Honestly, we just can’t figure Mr. Cent out. One minute he’s calling his exes out their name on twitter, the next he’s writing a book to discourage bullying. One minute he’s talking about how he’s going “end” World Star Hip Hop and then the next he’s feeding and educating children in Somalia and Kenya. He’s a conflicted man to say the least. We want to give him a hug… and ask a couple of questions.

Foxy Brown

This talented raptress hasn’t had it easy either. Though her career seemed to be going relatively smoothly when she first got into the game in the ’90’s, things took a turn for the worst in 2005 when she lost her hearing. Can you imagine how much that would suck? Being a musician who can’t hear. She gained it back but then there was the questioning of the validity of her relationship/engagement with Rick Ross, her depression, addiction to painkillers and the frequent run-ins with the law because she couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Poor Foxy. Bring it in for the real thing. *Extends arms*

Halle Berry

Like DMX, Halle has had some issues with one of her parents. According to Halle, her dad was an alcoholic who abused her mother before he left the family. In 1992, Halle said she hadn’t seen him since and didn’t know if he was dead or alive. Daaaang. You’ve got to wonder if her broken relationship with her father had anything to do with the subsequent struggles she’s had with her own romantic relationships. Hugs for Halle too!

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