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Lace fronts have been around for as long as folks have been wearing wigs in general (or something like that, I could have just made that up…), and while celebrities love them almost as much as they love attention, sometimes those lace fronts don’t show the love back. Whether they’re pulling at the skin or making you look like you either have the shortest forehead or the definition of a five-head, it’s clear the lace front revolution needs to end. Over the years, many of our favorite ladies have donned these Barbie-looking wigs, and in the process have had some lace front travesties. Check out the carnage and do what you can to avoid the same missteps with this look, if you must rock it…


Hey Ashanti, girl. Clearly this photo is a throwback since you’ve got the Sidekick and the Razr on full display, and that’s a good thing. Looks like you’ve learned your lesson and got your hairstylist together since then, because this here? This can’t be real. I’m seeing sides of your forehead that I didn’t know existed, and the front of the wig is so apparent, it’s getting more attention than the curls you worked hard for and the pink fur that’s doing the most. You’ve come a long way. Never go back, boo.


Ci Ci, what’s really good? I don’t know if it’s the glue or the makeup used to try and cover it on this lace front, but you were wrong for this. You’ve had your share of great hair looks, but you’ve also rocked a few that didn’t do you or your forehead justice.


Bey, you’ve been the princess of lace fronts since you gave those braids a hiatus after the Destiny’s Child, Survivor days. Many times, you could fool us, but sometimes, you were fooling yourself. That skin being pulled in the first photo probably helped you hit that high note a little bit more, and the look below? No comment. At this point, I don’t need to see what your real hair looks like, just make sure if you’re going to rock this look, glue is dry and the ish is on tight before you hit the stage or the bright lights.

BrandyOh Lawd…Brandy, girl, I just can’t with your lace fronts. You have too much talent, you’re too adorable and you have too many people in your family in working with you to let you come out the house like that! Too often these wigs are sitting right above your eyebrows or leave a little light shadow from the glue, and I just can’t defend it anymore. Revert back to the braids from the Moesha days and you and your hairdresser, go back to the drawing board…

Kelly Rowland

Kelly, now you know that part in the photo below ain’t even right or realistic. Your very large or very long wigs smother too much of that beautiful face, and the end results are never flawless. As we know from your early days in Destiny’s Child, short haircuts are your best friend. Show off that good bone structure and burn these wigs, girl.

Nicki Minaj hair

Nicki, I know part of your schtick is to look a mess, but these wigs aren’t fooling anybody. Sometimes they’re cute and colorful, but as you can see above and below, sometimes they’re sitting just a few inches above your eyebrows and look like a cap. And let’s not forget the glue on that purple wig that barely finished drying. Clearly this isn’t your hair, but at least make that ish look as close to real as possible…

Tyra Banks

It’s been a while since you reached for a lace front, Tyra, and that’s probably for good reason. Back in the day, everybody and their mother knew you were rocking a lace front thanks to those edges. Nowadays, you rock shorter and much cuter looks that utilize your own hair, and gave these wigs a semi-permanent break. Kudos to you, boo. Because this look wasn’t working.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer, now you know you’re my girl. But according to my co-workers and friends, you’re a repeat lace front offender. I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because the hair often looks like a helmet when you wear it, and it’s probably because of the glue and makeup used for the front of your forehead where the wig sits, but either way, you need to lay off the look for a while.

Lil Kim

Possibly the queen of the lace front since it really started making waves, Kim, you’ve been killing me softly. Brushing down the baby hair to make these wigs look more real hasn’t worked in the way you planned, and the end result is often a look that reminds me of the head of one of my babydolls from childhood. As you get older, less space is being left between the wigs and your eyebrows and I’m scared for you, ma. Let go and let those edges breathe!

Are you a fan of lace front wigs?

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