Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful! Do You Have Pretty Girl Problems?

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4. You Feel a Sense of Entitlement

We all like perks, and give me something for free ANY day. But while most of us feel lucky if we get a free sample or extra cheese on our Whopper, women with Pretty Girl Syndrome feel entitled to EVERYTHING, simply because they’re pretty. And by everything, I mean free clothes, free jewelry, gifts, food, a job, a man, you name it. Pretty girls are used to getting attention, and have probably had a few men trick on them from time to time, so this becomes the norm for them. If they’re not careful, they can become labeled a gold digger, trading their beauty for wealth. And if beauty is their only asset, they expect it to get them everything they desire, whether they deserve it or not. For example, if a pretty woman is out on an interview, and a man is doing the interviewing, she probably feels she’s a shoe-in for the job simply because she assumes he finds her attractive. While studies have shown that pretty people tend to get hired more frequently than their less attractive counterparts with comparable credentials, nowadays you have to be more than beautiful to market yourself, and a pretty face isn’t always enough to get the job. In addition to being beautiful, you must be smart, witty, aggressive and relatable. No one likes a dumb piece of eye candy and you don’t get everything you want simply because you have a big butt and a smile.

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