Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful! Do You Have Pretty Girl Problems?

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1. You Think All Men Are Intimidated By You

Most beautiful women like to think that the ONLY reason a man never asks them out is because men are intimidated by their beauty. It never occurs to these women that while they may be attractive, maybe they’re just not that interesting. Sure, you may be stunning, and some men might believe you’re out of their league…but since when has that ever stopped a man before? Men approach women who appear…approachable. Most women who think they’re too hot for most men have an air of arrogance that surrounds them, and men can see it a mile away. Women with Pretty Girl Syndrome don’t even know how to strike up a conversation with men in order to invite a man to ask them out. There is a way of being comfortable in your own skin that is attractive that has nothing to do with how you look physically. It’s an attitude, it’s in your body language – it’s an energy you can dial up, dial down or shut off altogether. Either you have it or you don’t, and ironically, women with Pretty Girl Syndrome can’t tap into that inner feminine power, they can only sit there and look pretty…and shut men out completely. Men are attracted to confidence, which shouldn’t be confused with conceit. Being deemed beautiful is not just about your face, your hair, or your body parts. Physical charisma is also in how you carry yourself…some would call it swag. When you have a way of being, a presence that grabs someone’s attention and holds it, men will want to come closer and get to know you.

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