Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful! Do You Have Pretty Girl Problems?

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3. If You DO Have Friends, YOU’RE the “Pretty One”

Most pretty people like to think that they’re the most attractive of their friends, and rarely want to befriend women who they deem are just as, if not more so, beautiful than they are. There’s the “funny friend,” the “fat friend,” the “smart friend” and the “beautiful friend” – and the woman with Pretty Girl Syndrome has no problem with being labeled the “beautiful friend” since they base their worth on their looks. Also, these pretty girls are usually stumped when their seemingly “less attractive” friends get more attention than they do, or who attract men and have boyfriends while they’re wallowing in their lonely, pretty girl misery. What they fail to realize is that while their friends may not be as attractive as they are (in their mind), men are just as attracted to women who can string a few intelligent sentences together, or who can make them laugh. Also, beauty and sex appeal are not the same thing – you CAN have one without the other. So while you may be cute in the face, your friends may ooze sexuality despite not having Halle Berry features or who can “smize” like Tyra Banks. Then there’s that whole “beauty in the eye of the beholder thing.” Women tend to judge other women based on WOMEN’S ideas of beauty that are fed to us daily in the media and mainstream magazines. We rarely stop to think about and judge each other based on what MEN think…so even though your friends may not be as pretty as YOU think they are, trust me when I say, there’s a man out there who thinks they’re HOT.

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