You Know You Wrong For That! 6 Lies We Tell Our Girlfriends

July 13, 2012  |  
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Good girlfriends are hard to come by. When we finally do find them, they are people to be treasured. We love them. And when you love people you want to spare their feelings for as long as possible. Pride is a powerful thing; so sometimes, whether it’s right or wrong, we try to protect it. After a while though, if you really are as tight as you claim to be, you’ll eventually be honest with homegirl and hopefully she’ll understand…But until that day comes, here are some of the most common lies we tell the girls.

No, I can’t tell you’ve gained weight.

No one has to tell you that weight is a sensitive issue when it comes to women. But shoot, life happens and sometimes the extra pounds are inevitable consequences. The thing about weight is, no one has to inform you that you’re packing on the pounds. You’re usually the first to know. The fact that you had to ask your girl whether or not she’s noticed your weight gain is merely a feeble attempt to protect your ego. You know you need to hit the gym. Your friend telling you she hasn’t noticed doesn’t mean you don’t need to address the issue.

I was busy when you called earlier

My best friend, who’ll probably end up reading this later, often calls me at the most inopportune times, like when I’m carrying 10 bags of groceries up 4 flights of stairs, or when my hands are dripping with coconut oil. Other times…I’m watching a movie I don’t want to pause. Or I simply don’t feel like talking or listening. But I realize that maintaining a friendship takes work and I don’t want her to believe I don’t value her or our conversations; so sometimes, and I know this is horrible, I’ll say I was busy when she called. In my defense, that’s not exactly a lie. I was busy…resting.

Yeah girl, I’m so over him

Sometimes a lie to a friend is also a lie to ourselves. If you confide in your girlfriends about your problems, chances are she knows the good, bad and ugly when it comes to your relationships. In the cases where it doesn’t work out, she’ll most likely perform routine check ins to make sure you’re good, that you’ve successfully and completely moved on. Even if you aren’t completely over dude, you probably suspect that you should be. And that’s what you tell her. You both know it’s a lie though.

He was ugly anyway

So you’re at the club, trying to set your girlfriend up with a maaann. You saunter over to the cutie at the bar, trying to “sell” your friend. Unfortunately, after you point her out, for one reason or another, he’s not buying. You now have the pleasure of going back to your friend and telling her, he wasn’t feeling her. What are you going to tell her to soften the blow? You tell her that up close, the men was less Adonis and more ashy. In reality, baby boy was so fine you thought about taking him for yourself but you wouldn’t dare crush her spirit like that.

He’s the fool 

Don’t let all the male bashing fool you. Sometimes a woman can be the reason a relationship doesn’t work out. Maybe your girlfriend stepped out, and her boo couldn’t find it in his heart to forgive her. Maybe, she took every opportunity to degrade him. Perhaps she gave him an ultimatum he just wasn’t having. Either way you look at it, it was probably her fault they couldn’t make it work. You warned her about her shady behavior before. But now that the relationship’s over, she doesn’t need her flaws thrown in her face. You just tell her he’s the one missing out on a good thing. You’ll tell her it’s time for her to grow up, later.

Yeah, that haircut suits your face. You just have to get used to it.

The damage has already been done. With the exception of fake hair or another drastic cut, there’s really nothing anyone can do to fix this mess. You just have to wait until her stuff grows out. So instead of telling her she looks like a poor man’s Rihanna, it’s best you tell her it’s alright. Heck, maybe you’ll be so convincing she might actually get used to it and start liking it.

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