True Life: What’s The Best Comeback You Had For A Man Who Hit On You On The Street?

June 7, 2012  |  
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Man, our Facebook fans are a riot! You never dissappoint with your sassy and off-the-wall responses to our very direct questions. Once again, thank you for sharing all your personal narratives and your in-you-face opinions. This week’s question to our fans was “What’s the best comeback you had for a man who hit on you on the street?

You know who we’re talking about, the guys who have so much bravado that they don’t need to offer you a drink or even need an excuse to approach you while you’re walking past.Here’s what ya’ll had to say:

A man once said to me, “Hey Baby what’s your sign?”…I said, “No standing anytime” and kept it moving…lol.

“Do you think that’s how your daddy got your mother?”

I was walking with my sister and this guy actually says ”how yall ladies be?” My sis says ”we be literate” and bust out laughing. He just kept it moving.

I usually say we can go out if I can bring my 3 kids or he pays for a sitter. 🙂

I know your wife. Tell her I said hi. (you know thats a wrap).. lmao

I simply would say that I although I appreciate the compliments, I am happily married. Sometimes we just need to say thank you and keep it moving. No neck rolls, eye roll or none of that. How you respond will depend on if he’s persistent or not.


One of my friend’s cousins said this to a young buck “Boy, you still wet behind the ears, you want some breast milk?” I almost died! She just had a baby a few weeks before! You should have seen his face!
– Que

I love it when they say, “I know you got a man!” I say, “so then you know, I have to be on my way”, give a little dip, and keep it moving.

I got five kids…… I looked down and then back up…… He was no where to be found ….hahaha …. Didn’t have ti worry about him no more that night

I don’t speak English.

I got heels bigger than your package.
–Nicole C.

“Hey Hot lady what’s ur name?” “Well my birth name was Marlon” LOL, J/k! lol
–Maria D.

” I’m sorry, but I’m not your type.”
– Wanda

Man: “Can I talk to you fro a minute”? Me: “You just did” :-/

“I don’t date drive-by baby makers!”

depends on how he approaches.. for the well mannered ones, they get off easy with a smile and a litle bit of convo.
But…for the brother who has too much to say and no respect I simply advise him that should he insist that I take his number, call him and give him some, he will need to compensate me handsomely for my troubles. And they walk away!! and I say it all with a smile!

This guy said “has anyone told you today that you are pretty” I said “yes, you’d be the second today” he just walked away..not concieted but you asked….

“Did your Mom help you come up with that?”
– Amy

It was midday so I said “Why aren’t you at work?”
– Martina

If it’s something inappropriate, I say nothing. I don’t respond to a way I don’t like being spoken to. Sometimes the best shade is not to acknowledge

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