The Thrill is Gone: 7 TV Shows That Need To Call It Quits…Like Yesterday.

June 6, 2012  |  
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Times are a-changing and so is television, folks. And if you leave it up to television station bosses, whatever makes money will stay on and play itself out no matter how lame the shows get, how many people voice concerns, complaints, or basically say they’re bored. But the following shows truly need to wrap it up. They’ve lost their spark, what made them funny, interesting, and even informative. Check out the following choices and see if you agree. And of course, a majority of the shows are reality TV. But what else do you expect, that’s all we’re getting on our televisions! Special shout out to Viacom for airing most of these programs on their array of stations (and not a good shout out…).

106 & Park

No disrespect, but let’s keep it real: TV shows that cater to music video countdowns and showcasing minimally talented celebrities answering the most basic of questions are out of style. Don’t believe it? Where the hell is “TRL”? Exactly. While this show had its golden years with A.J. and Free and was what everyone was running home to watch, it has become a corny shell of itself. The chemistry between Rocsi and Terrence just wasn’t like what we got from A.J. and Free (who couldn’t see that A.J. had a thing for his co-host?). And seriously, they don’t even really play the videos for more than a minute anymore anyway. Instead of looking for new hosts and forcing these young’ns to have to adjust to new faces, just give it a rest already.

Jersey Shore

After it debuted in 2009, I don’t know anybody who hadn’t heard of “Jersey Shore,” hadn’t picked a favorite character (Pauly D), or who didn’t know what “GTL” stood for. It was kind of nice to see folks of the non-black persuasion prove that, hey, everyone acts a damn fool from time to time. These folks were fighting at the drop of a hat, hooking up like they were the last people on earth, and showing us all the fashion DON’TS (just look at the above picture). But it’s 2012, and with season six on its way, I really need MTV to pull the cancel card out on this show. After a while, the storyline stopped changing and people started carrying on lame rumors just to get folks to tune in. I can’t watch another season of Ronnie and Sam breaking up brutally to make up (at the disgust of their castmates and everyone watching), watching folks ho themselves out (sorry Deena, but it’s true) while in a drunken stupor, and watching people go to the club nightly. That s**t has to be getting old, because it’s getting old to watch.

The Game

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: This show should have ended with the final season they had on the CW. As much as I wanted to see “The Game” back on television, I wasn’t trying to see it like this. The characters are totally new people, and I mean that in a negative way, and now all the people I used to enjoy seeing on the show are about to be gone next season. Brittany Daniels’ character of Kelly has been gone for a minute (and I wasn’t feeling the spiteful, stressed and crazy divorced woman they tried to make her out to be on the revamped version), and now with Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Pooch Hall out, I’m out too. One can try so hard to ride with the story changes, but you know you need to let go when the episodes can barely keep your attention. That’s what it has come to folks.

The Real World

Are you still even watching?

Probably the first reality TV show, and the first one of its kind (aka, the non-competition reality show), when “The Real World” started in ’92, it had everybody talking. There was something about throwing people of all different backgrounds into a house and watching them grow or implode that was intriguing. But 26 seasons later…and it’s pretty much played out. Number one reason might be because the show’s attempts at diversifying the cast always fall flat (check the lone black face in the crowd above). It’s nice to see people of color in the cast, but why when they try to mix things up, there’s usually only one or two of them? And they wonder why that person is always A) The crazy one; B) The one who everyone hates; C) The one THIS close to fighting and getting kicked off…

Diversity my a**.

American Idol

What used to be the go-to reality TV show for watching talent is now doing the absolute most with results of the absolute least. There was something about the way Simon, Paula and Randy used to mesh together that I could appreciate, and at the end of the day, with one realist, a rude British fella and an over-emotional former singer, you could agree and relate to somebody’s opinion. But J.Lo, Steven and Randy are just a random trio who really don’t give it to folks straight. And aside from that, the fact that the same type of people keep winning (cute white dude with guitar) nowadays doesn’t make me want to continue to tune in. Hang it up!

Basketball Wives

I’ll give VH1 credit, even though they’re immensely ratchet with their television show choices, they usually do a good job of ending things before they get too stale (“For the Love of Ray-J” just couldn’t go on…). So they need to do the same when it comes to “Basketball Wives.” I’m sure the L.A. version which recently debuted isn’t going anywhere, but the original in Miami needs to wrap it up. There’s nothing left for these women to do but fight it seems, and the only way they can spice things up is by bringing in new people who are usually hazed in the form of bullying or having s**t talked about them and spread thanks to Suzie Ketchum. And seriously, none of the women are actual basketball wives at this point. Please listen to the petitioners and call it a day.

Teen Mom

What could have been an awesome opportunity to show the real struggle of teen mothers and to scare straight a lot of these fast teenagers out here has become an hour of ridiculosity (Yeah, it’s that bad that I made up a word. Do something about it). Why? Because it seems that teen pregnancy is being glamorized. I think the show went from trying to be positive to becoming just like every other reality show on television that follows random people and then makes them overnight celebrities. Nowadays, thanks to the show, you can be 16 and pregnant, get to be on TV and get paid for it, wind up on the front of magazines smiling and making mad mulah, even if you decided not to take full responsibility for your baby (Hey, Jenelle). And they wonder why some teens are deciding to try and get pregnant so they can be on the show. It’s clearly not doing what it’s supposed to so folks need to quit while they are ahead.

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