Celeb Ladies Who’ve Rocked Locs We Loved: Who Rocked Them Best?

April 19, 2012  |  
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Oh locs, how I love thee. And while we spend a lot of time checking out slideshows of women with long ombre hair, half-shaven hair and bobs, why not check out the many women in Hollywood who’ve been bold enough to rock locs in an industry that is more of a fan of long, straight hair? Check out this gallery of some of our favorites and you can tell us who you felt rocked them best! And feel free to include people who were not included in your comments (but be nice of course).


Erykah Badu

Around the time Erykah Badu came out, I was pretty young, so for a long while I had no idea what was holding that tall head wrap up everywhere she went. But after the “Otherside of the Game” video came out and she pulled her wrap off to show a head full of dreads, I clearly figured it out. Over the years, Badu has worn a wealth of different hairstyles, fake and real, and in later years, she’s even rocked loc extensions. Either way though, the look has been a gorgeous one on her. Don’t you agree?


Lauryn Hill

I mean really, how many people were in awe over Lauryn Hill’s locs back in the day? *Raises hand*

She’s another one who people say wore fake ones (not sure if I believe it), but even still, her full, jet black locs were all the rage. They twisted and turned like no other, and the styles she would rock them in would just have you amazed (loved her looks in the “Turn Your Lights Down Low” video). Miss these locs, miss this Lauryn…I’m just saying.


Love Ledisi’s voice, adore her hair! From a fiery red to a light and luscious brown, the singer has given her locs the royal treatment over the years. And aside from her voice, her hair is what a lot of people know her for, especially when she rocks that curled pompadour at the front of her head. Those things stay fresh, and at any length (cropped around her face or long and down her back), they add to her already immense beauty.


Debra Wilson

I had to add this MADtv alum and funny lady to the list because she was one of the first women I remember seeing rocking locs so boldly. While she played a little bit of everybody on MADtv and had to cover those beauties with a lot of tight and tacky wigs, the tatted up comedian has always let them shine as her crowning glory, dyeing them blonde, brown and more. Love her! Now…where is she these days?

Cassandra Wilson

Speaking of the Wilsons (though this lady and Debra aren’t related…as far as I know), jazz singer Cassandra Wilson is also another lovely lady who’s been wearing beautiful and bright locs for years. Perfectly coiled and coiffed, Wilson’s locs have always added a bit of drama to her look, and I’m digging the blonde color she often dyes them in. Fierce, darling.


While Chescaleigh isn’t necessarily a huge name like some of these other women, she’s definitely a YouTube star. And don’t get it twisted. If we’ve learned anything from folks like Justin Bieber, it’s that being a huge YouTube sensation can go a loooong way. The actress,  comedian, graphic designer and more has not only made a name for herself with “S**t White Girls Say to Black Girls,” but she also is a well-known hair vlogger. The styles she concocts on her head are unbelievable at times, but they’re always fly as hell. Check out her channel to get some inspiration.

Valerie June

Singer and guitarist Valerie June might not be a name you’ve heard of, but once you see her locs, you’ll never forget it! Her free-from locs are a thing of beauty with their thickness and length. The singer says that she started doing her hair like this after years of struggling with hair that was a little bit too thick for her liking. She wanted to simplify her hair maintenance and her life in general, so that’s how these babies got started.

Kim Fields

When you think of Kim Fields, you probably think of Tootie from “The Facts of Life,” or Regine, of course, from “Living Single.” But on top of those things, I think of the locs she used to wear. Who knew that after years of wearing wigs as Regine, Fields was out in these streets actually locking her hair? The blonde locs were worn by the actress and singer for years, and again, I was a big fan of the bright blonde color. But alas, they’re gone now…still though, Kim is fab!


India Arie

India let us know loud and clear a few years ago that she is not her hair. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nobody is, but even she can’t deny that her locs were fly. With her many headwraps, headbands and head adornments, she showed off her locs to the fullest, and I loved them! But like most people, she decided she was ready for a change and threw them the deuces. I’ll always have my memories though…(dramatic much? Indeed.)

Toni Morrison

One of my favorite authors, as much as I love Morrison’s books, I’m always going gaga over her hair. There’s something about gray locs that look so regal and gorgeous to me, and the author definitely keeps them in simple but spunky styles to show ’em off. When I get older, I want my hair to look the same way. Go she-ro!

Whoopi Goldberg

Who says you can’t be a successful Hollywood actress and have locs? Goldberg is a prime example that you can do so, and do so in a fabulous manner. Goldberg, who is one of the few people out there to win an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy AND a Grammy Award, has been wearing locs since her post-The Color Purple days, and since then, they’ve become her staple. She’s let them get long, she’s chopped them into a bob, she’s colored them–she’s done everything to them that you can think of. That’s probably why she’s such a loc and life icon. Always doing the most, but in a good way.

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