Yandy Says Don’t Knock Her Pregnant-Girl-In-The-Club Hustle

April 18, 2012  |  

There’s the pregnant girl in the club that people suspect might have a baby bump but aren’t too sure, and then there’s the pregnant girl in the club who looks like her water might break if she doesn’t slow down on the dance floor. From pictures Yandy Smith recently uploaded showing that she’s expecting a baby, she looks like she’s getting dangerously close to being the latter, but she says, so what.

In an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand, the “Love and Hip Hop” star was quick to explain why no one should judge her for her latest club appearances:

“Before the show ended there were already bookings up until March, almost every single weekend. Now my boyfriend travels with me, as well as security, plus the club armed security wherever we go. We enter through a side or back door and I’m escorted to VIP, where I sit down. People can say what they want, but I’m fine with it, my man is fine with it, and I’m protected by security, so I’m not going to turn down a 12-15 thousand dollar weekend just because people have something to say. I spoke to my doctor about traveling and he told me it was not a problem. But now that I know I’m about to start showing, I’m going to sit down and take it easy. I was not in the middle of the dance floor, I was not drinking, so it was fine.

“People can say what they want but I’m thinking of my child’s future. If financial security is something that you can give to your family, it makes you feel great. I feel good that I’m able to put aside a college fund before my child is here, in one month. People can blog and say what they want but my child is good. I don’t want people to think that money is more important than my child’s health, but I made all my doctor appointments, and made sure it was healthy to continue working.”

In other words, she’s living up to her infamous words on “Love and Hip Hop:” At the end of the day, it’s about a check, and if there’s a check to be had, she’s there—pregnant or not.

Yandy did say that she’s not taking any more club bookings now that she’s six months into her pregnancy, and when it comes to returning for the next season of the VH1 show, she said she’s not opposed to it. She told the site, “If all the stars align and the dollar signs add up, I will absolutely [be back on The show]. ”

Since there’s a little more love in her hip hop now, it would seem Yandy might want to bring her child’s father into the picture on-screen. She said she’s not opposed to that either, but their relationship is a bit up in the air.

“There was a ring, but there was no one-knee so I don’t know what the status is. We have been together for about 6 years, we met in 2006. Its been off and on. There have been times when I was on the road for months; I really wasn’t able to focus on my relationship the way that I should have. We’ve broken up about 2 or 3 times. Every time we break up, we’re both seeing other people. I was almost engaged to someone else, he wound up having another child with someone else. Then we realized that we almost lost each other. So he rushed back and we’ve been unbreakable ever since… He could possibly be on the show with me. Its been amazing. We realized that this is where we want to be and we love each other. Its been beautiful. I’m really excited about where we are, and this little bundle of joy we have coming. And he’s excited too. We can’t wait until July.”

That sounds like drama the camera will eat up. So far, nothing has been finalized for next season but Yandy is continuing with her new role as a contributor to Black Enterprise, and she said her next column will be “How Do You Guys Do It?” talking about the struggle balancing work and motherhood. Sounds like she knows a little something about that already.

Can you respect Yandy’s pregnant in the club hustle?

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