For A Limited Time Only: 7 Signs You Might Be A Rebound

April 19, 2012  |  
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“You’re my rebound.” Ever heard these words? No? That’s because no one says them. To say them would be in opposition to the whole point of rebounding, which is to deny and avoid your feelings about a breakup. No one will ever admit you’re their rebound boo, so sometimes you just have to look for the signs and in the end, decide if you’re okay with that status. For instance…


He encourages you to go away

You mention a trip you’ve been invited on, or a school or job you’re considering applying to in another city, and he enthusiastically encourages you to go. Essentially, he never wants you making any decisions based on him, nothing that will make you too attached—like staying in his town to be with him. Keep an eye out for signs that he clearly does not want to be a part of your long- term plans.

Someone’s texting a lot

Don’t ignore the signs. Does he usually explain after responding to a text, “Oh, that was so and so”? Well what about the times when he doesn’t say a word? Does he become quiet after certain texts that seem to require a good few minutes to respond to? You may want to ask one day (even though it’s nosey) “Who was that?” and see what he says. Chances are, he might already be on the hunt for (and in contact with) other women.


He is short about relationships

When you bring up relationships—either those of others, or your own past ones—he gets noticeably quiet. Better yet, when you talk about the possibility of a relationship, he decides to change the conversation. He may not want to let his emotions overflow if he gets talking about his last one, nor does he want you to assume that that’s the direction you all will be heading in.

He is bitter about relationships
When he does say something about relationships, he comments on the negative things. If you bring up a negative story about someone’s relationship, he always says something like, “Well, that’s what happens to all relationships eventually” or he rolls his eyes. If he’s jaded about relationships, he’s probably not long out of his last one.


He’s moving fast

Another typical behavior of someone who is rebounding is actually rushing to get in a relationship with someone, pouring all their time and energy into them, desperately running as fast as they can to get away from their feelings about their last breakup. He might have decided to take his time when he was starting his last relationship, but now he’s not trying to waste any time, and that’s not going to end well…


He hates his ex

If he talks openly in a very negative way about his ex, he’s not over her. Hate doesn’t exist where love doesn’t. If you’re truly over someone, you don’t have the energy or drive to go into a 10-minute rant about how awful of a person they are. Let it go already.

He’s partying a lot

Some men just go on binges after breakups. If he is partying every night and has to or else he gets anxious sitting at home, he might again just be running from his feelings. Better yet, he won’t be able to settle down and take things seriously with you. He’s not looking for all that after his last messy split.

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