The 7 Reasons Men Lie, According To A Man Who Doesn’t (Maybe)

April 24, 2012  |  
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You might like to lump all men into a ball of inescapable dishonesty, flippantly declaring them liars. Broadly speaking, you’d be right. Mankind has been lying to one another since the dawn of time. Human ancestors lied to survive and navigate complex social structures.

Even in those early days, lies were used as forms of entertainment and this culture of lying continues throughout the world, each generation becoming more sophisticated at painting untruths.

While no magic can ever tell you if a man or woman is being completely honest, you can be sure that whenever someone lies, they do so for a reason. Sometimes you can get behind the reason, like a lie told as a prank or in jest. Other times you are not trying to hear that. Relationship lies tend to be more the latter but that doesn’t change the fact that your guy has a perfectly rationalized reason to lie.

Peep the seven reasons men lie in relationships:

“Protect your feelings”

A man will go out of his way to keep his girl from feeling pain, anger or heaven forbid, tears. To keep his lady from crying, he’ll even lay his moral integrity on the line and tell her something that isn’t completely true.

“Honey, do these pants make me look fat?”

“No, baby, your bum is as tight as it was in high school.”

“Impress you” lies

Few impulses spur a dude to bend and flex the truth than the need to impress a lady. Here, guys do a better job overselling his credentials on a date than at a job interview.

“Protect his ego” lies

He got a big ego, and he can back it up, with lies, if need be. Few things are as important to the human experience as how people view themselves and a lie seems like a small price to pay.

“Prevent getting busted” lies

It’s classic man law to “deny until you die” when confronted with accusations of infidelity. Some truths are better left uncovered. Besides, telling the truth would make him into a liar, which doesn’t sit right with the male brain.

“Cover for a buddy” lies

Every guy on the prowl will need an alibi from time to time. Wise dudes prefer to avoid speaking about their buddies indiscretions to his girl but get too nosy and you’ll force his hand and a lie is inevitable.



Little Head Lies

All men tell one sooner or later. Big or small, these lies are the result of heat of the moment action, paused, his and your moist members a touch away, men will say almost anything to seal the deal. It’s not that he isn’t thinking. In fact, he’s very calculating, but his reasoning in narrowly focused.

Yes, he’s vulnerable, so you can stick him with a promise for just about anything, depending on your skill, but it can backfire too. His logic oriented mind will ignore variables like morality when necessary. Truth is expendable when it jeopardizes his ability to get laid in the next few seconds.


Obligatory Lies

The pack of lies men tell in relationships wouldn’t be complete without those he tells in your honor. No man alive avoids the phrase “but don’t tell anyone I told you,” from his girlfriend.

Following that, he’ll lie to his own momma to keep his lady’s bevy of secrets.

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