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In the past, we’ve talked about how you should proceed in terms of dating if you’re in the process of divorcing someone.  Some of you say “you’re married until you’re divorced” and others say, “What are you going to do? Sit around and just wait on paperwork?”  Well no matter what you think, these celebs didn’t wait for the ink on their papers to dry.  No, these folks hit the ground running…unsigned divorce papers be damned!

MaryJ. Blige & Kendu Isaacs

These two met through Queen Latifah and although they’d gone out on a few dates, Kendu was still married to his then wife who is also the mother of two of his children.  Mary was claiming him as her husband (you know, that “name it and claim it” business) and at the same time struggling with the idea of dating a married man. But, ol’ pretty eyes got a divorce and he’s been married to Mary for eight years.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony

You know, I’m using this relationship as an example when actually I think all of their relationships can be used as examples.  J. Lo had broken up with whomever she’d been dating at the time (it can sometimes be too hard to keep track) and Marc’s marriage to Dayanara Torres was already “on the outs” when the two of them started stepping out together in 2004. He married Jenny a year and a half later and he hadn’t been divorced a full week from Dayanara.  Seven years later and where are they ? Separated.  Yeah…well…

Leann Rhimes and Eddie Cibrian

*throws something* THIS couple still gets my celebrity nerves all riled up. Leann was married for seven years to a dancer named Dean before they announced in 2009 that they were divorcing.  Well, it all came out pretty quickly that she’d started having an affair with her movie co-star Eddie Cibrian who was also married at the time. He left his wife and filed for divorce just one month prior to Leann announcing her plans to divorce. Did you get all that messiness? Up until a few months ago, this was still playing out very ugly with Leann defending her decisions to the media and her fans. Anyway, Leann and Eddie are married now. Whatever.

Naomi Campbell & Vladimir Doronin

If I didn’t already hold the opinion that I need a man to have all his affairs settled before stepping to me, this is one of those couples that would make it all clear for me.  So Naomi’s boyfriend has been married to a woman named Ekaterina for almost 25 years but they’ve allegedly been separated for about 10 years.  He and Naomi have been jetsetting for about three years and all of them – wife and children included – have even spent a holiday or two together. But for some reason he didn’t have divorce in the plans…until now. Well, his wife is claiming that Naomi is a homewrecker and she’s actively been his wife (probably meaning they still sleep together) so Naomi looks like the bad guy. I’m sure this will all work out for them but this is just another example why maybe we should just stay at the stop light until it turns green.

DMX & Tashera

These two are on a reality show right now trying to “work out their differences.” Here’s the thing: they’re married but have been separated for years…and DMX doesn’t care about any of this.  In fact, he was on the show talking to one of his girlfriends while his wife was in the same room! I mean, what part of the game is this?! I’m so curious as to how this will turn out because they seem like they’ll be married forever but living single lives.

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

This is another “case” that’s been well documented. D-Wade had been with his ex-wife Siovaughn since high school – he even lived with her family when he was going through his own family issues.  Somewhere along the lines, their marriage took a turn for the absolute worse and they separated. While they were figuring out their separation (and inevitable divorce) in terms of the kids and maybe money, he started being publicly seen with Gabby.  As cute as they’ve always been together, they were RUN. THROUGH. THE. MUD.  There were a lot of factors involved for the level of backlash they received for publicly dating knowing that he was still married and he has children.  In her “defense,” Gabby said that she wasn’t the first woman he dated after his separation. Well, okay girl. They’re still going strong though so good for them!

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