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“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” is just the tip of the iceberg. Evolutionary psychologists, Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge, Bernard Crespi of Simon Fraser University and Christopher Badock of the London School of Economics are pioneers in the “discovery” of the “male brain” and the “female brain.”

Whereas the male brain is characterized by systematizing tendencies and mechanistic thinking, the female brain is marked by empathizing tendencies and mentalist thinking. Male brains look to analyze and explore phenomena in order to predict behavior or invent new systems while female brains look to identify and understand another’s emotions in order to connect and respond appropriately.

Male and female brains have nothing to do with intelligence, but rather how an individual attempts to understand the mysteries around him or her. Like any empirical generalization, it describes natural averages in the same way that the statement, “males are taller than females” does. Exceptions are inevitable (some women are taller than some men) but do not refute the generalization.

The differences between the male and female brain, (or men and women) aren’t traits to be lamented but rather celebrated because it means that you and your partner are able to form a better whole. It only requires maturity on your part and relinquishing a rather selfish notion that your man must feel what you feel in order to have your back or understand where you’re coming from.

The fact is, on average, he doesn’t feel the way you feel and many of the things women do are counter intuitive to men. In the most common scenario, a man is looking at a woman’s behavior with the natural response of his male brain, which may or may not be to your favor. The next time you find yourself in the following situations, you might get a leg up seeing it from the male perspective.

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