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By Guest Hair Blogger Trissha Taylor

If there’s one thing most women have in common, it’s that we’ve all had our good and bad moments when it comes to our hair while sitting in the chair of a stylist. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a perfect one–a stylist that won’t overcharge you, helps you keep your hair healthy, gets you started on time, and doesn’t have your hair sounding like you’re lighting fireworks with her overheated flat iron. But sometimes, you get a really ratchet stylist. Here are a few signs to watch out for so you don’t lose all your hair, your money and your mind in the hands of one.

You End Up Leaving With Less Hair Than You Came In With
Have you ever asked for a one-inch trim only to find yourself five inches too short? Hiring a stylist that lacks the capacity to understand and respect their clients requests is a no-no. Find a stylist that listens and respects your vision for your hair, because after all, it is your hair. If they happen to feel that your desires are unrealistic, there needs to be a certain level of tact in the way that they offer suggestions. Never settle in any area of life, especially not when it comes to your hair. I can recall asking my former hairstylist for a Halle Berry cut and getting a military buzz cut instead. I almost cried as I watched his assistant sweep away nine inches of healthy natural hair. His only reply was “I’ve got a lot of customer’s waiting.” Then he shrugged and held his hand out! If I came in asking to look like Halle Berry why should I have walked out looking like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane? Stylists should be doing what the client asks, not what they feel like…

Gossip About Their Customers in Front of Other Customers
I’m sure you know how the saying goes: People who talk about others in front of you will indeed talk about you in front of others. I know that a hair salon can sometimes be a gossiper’s domain, but your stylist should not know everybody’s business and be so willing to share it in front of you, nor should they be at the forefront of all salon drama (think Sean from the Vh1 show, Beverly Hills Fabulous).

You’re Discouraged From Maintaining Your Hair At Home
Hairstylists that keep you in the dark about maintaining your own hair are ones that you must steer clear of. Regardless if you’re relaxed or natural, the health of your hair lies in what you do at home (i.e. your health, eating, habits and hair regimens). If your hairstylist doesn’t offer you support or guidance out of the fear that they might lose business or they make you feel like you can’t and won’t keep your hair healthy alone, that should be enough for you to head for the nearest exit. Find a hairstylist that is so knowledgeable, skillful, and confident in their own abilities that they know their services and advice will be enough to keep their clients happy and coming back for years to come.

Walk in’s Are Served Ahead of Scheduled Appointments
With the exception of the rare (and highly unlikely) moments when Beyoncé walks through the doors begging to be served immediately because she’s on her way to a star studded event, handling walk in’s before clients who have already been waiting is unacceptable. A stylist is in the service business and customers deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. Multitasking is important, but having you sit for so long while they finish every chick who strolled in at the last minute just won’t work.

They Have No Respect For Your Time
In that same breath, there is nothing worse than a fully booked stylist who casually strolls into their salon behind schedule and motions you under a dryer in a nonchalant sort of way. Most women have careers, children and families to manage and that’s on a good day. The idea of spending the entire day with a head full of conditioner covered in a plastic cap doesnn’t tickle anyone’s fancy.

They Overcharge And Don’t Deliver
Don’t you hate it when you’re sold a defective product at a premium price? Don’t you normally return the product and ask for a full refund? Well, when it comes to your hair, there is no point in paying your hairstylist a price that doesn’t match their skill level. Find a stylist that meets the needs of your budget and personal style as opposed to one who can’t seem to give you an even cut or the color you asked for, but expects big money for their shoddy work.

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