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Have you ever seen a couple and notice that one person is way more into their significant other than their significant other is into them? Possibly worse, have you ever seen a couple that just don’t seem into each other at all? Sure, most couples aren’t always on top of each other (and if they were, I’d probably be doing another topic…lol) and just because they aren’t it doesn’t mean they aren’t in love but sometimes you see couples and see, “What in the world is going on here?” Well, here are a few couples that have us raising our eyebrows – remember, no one is saying they’re not in love with each other – we just saying….


Emily & Fabolous

Big surprise here, huh? I mean, who didn’t know these two would be on this list? According to Emily, she & Fab are together or something because she’s enjoying tweeting pictures of the two of them together. Him? Eh, not so much. Emily has been more vocal on her Twitter page lately defending her decision to stick it out with him in hopes that he not only publicly claim her but be faithful to her as well. Fab just doesn’t seem to care about any of this at all.

Mary & Kendu

Something in the water isn’t clean if you ask me and no one can convince me otherwise.  Mary always credits Kendu as being the reason why she’s sober today.  She always tells us (the fans) that she got clean because she didn’t want to be a burden on him and things like that; it almost sometimes seems like if Kendu hadn’t said he wanted to be with her, she wouldn’t have been able to get her act together for herself. But when I see him – and I’m sure many will disagree – I see someone who found a person who was down on their luck and had no self-esteem so he latched on to it. Does he love Mary? I’m not in their relationship but I’m sure he does…he just reminds me a bit of a moocher.

Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn

Someone actually brought these two to my attention and I certainly agree: Jerry is way more into Rebecca than she is into him. It might come across that way because he seems so goofy and an overly attentive person but when I think of the times I’ve seen them in interviews, he looks at her so loving while she speaks or is always rubbing her hand or thigh and on the other hand, she usually looks like she’s thinking about making sure her posture is right or that the camera has the right angle!

Ludacris & Eudoxie

These two? Hmmmmm.  I feel like these two have no chemistry at all.  I’m not the only one because when I’ve read comments after looking at pictures of them, the resounding thought is “Are they a real couple?”  Eudoxie often looks annoyed or mad actually, I think it might be her “Hot” look (and there is no doubt that she’s got it goin’ on).  Luda’s crazy self is often giving silly faces to the camera. But just based on what we’ve seen?  It doesn’t look like much “fire” there.

Niecy Nash & Jay Tucker

If you watched their wedding special, you should know exactly what I’m talking about.  I like Niecy – she seems very nice and down to earth. She also seems like a person who is in love with love and wanted to make sure she kept her boo under any and all circumstances.  During the show, her children were a little concerned about her marrying him and possibly moving too fast.  Sometimes, they’d catch a shot of Jay and he was looking like, “Man, I don’t know WHAT is going on here.” Well, a person in love is a person in love and their doting can often be confused with…obsession, a little bit?

Carmelo & LaLa

A lot of people have been talking about these two lately because there have been a couple of stories leaking about Melo’s infidelity.  Some say Lala is crazy because she wants people to believe that everything is good in their lives and that she loves him more than he even cares about her.  I don’t think I agree with the latter in full but it does seem like they both have so much going on in their separate lives that when they’re together, it can look a little forced.

Justin Timberlake & Jessical Biel

These two have been on again-off again for years now and quite frankly, I think Justin could take or leave Jessica. Sure, he cares about her but if you’ve ever watched Justin’s history, his relationships end around the two or three year mark.  Jessica always appears like she’s holding onto the hopes that one day he won’t be like that. Sure, they’re engaged  but with rumors swirling that she might be pregnant, it could be that “putting a ring on it” is something JT felt like he better  do.  I’m keeping an eye out on these two.

Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada

I’ve not been able to find one person who believes these two are engaged because of love and wanting to be together.  Most people believe that Chad wanted to get another reality show and Evelyn wanted to be married to some type of ball player and so it worked out well. I believe that too; however, it does look like Evelyn has at least a few of her emotions tied into this.  Last season on “Love & Basketball,” they argued because Chad was out with a woman having lunch and he didn’t tell Evelyn. Yes, she cares that random pictures taken would have her looking crazy but she also let Chad know that there’s a certain way to “act” once you’re engaged. Chad basically told her, “This is me so deal with it,” told a joke and brushed over the whole thing.  Apparently on one of this season’s episodes (I’m not watching – I’ve had enough of these ladies’ ignorance), he told her he may step out a time or two and they’ve discussed an…open relationship? Yeah okay, something isn’t right here. I’d be surprised if they got married and if they do, I think it’ll be because Evelyn wanted to “prove the haters wrong.”

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