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They say opposites attract. But the truth is, not all do. Some drive each other nuts. Want to know what your ideal opposite is?

Big Personality

You are the life of the party. If your friends are ready to pass out in their pj’s in front of a chick flick, you somehow have them doing their makeup and taking shots to Top 40 before heading out ten minutes later. You are loud. You are fun. You are sassy. You make people laugh. You’re ballsy and would easily walk up to a guy and blatantly hit on him. You’re no BS. You play hard. Who should you date? Read on…


Social and sweet

You can not date a homebody, or someone who stays to himself whenever you can drag him out. You’ll begin to resent one another. You need someone who loves people, just like you. Someone who is always happy to be in the company of others and happy to learn about new people. BUT, they can’t be as ballsy and no BS as you. You’ll bump heads. They need to be social but sweet. In other words, they need to be a lot more patient than you are. Who else will calmly negotiate with the cab driver whose about to kick you out of his car for cursing at him for clearly trying to rip you off?


You’re Demure

You rarely go out. You’re soft spoken. You’re a great listener. Your friends say you’re “maternal.” You would never walk up to a guy and blatantly hit on him. You barely even show cleavage or swear. Want to know your match?…

The side show

You need someone social, but not someone who is the life of the party. You can’t be with the guy whose phone goes off every ten minutes from friends asking, “What’s happening tonight?” since he’s always the one cooking up a social scheme. You can’t keep up with him. And he won’t slow down to pay attention to your needs even if you tried. But you do need a guy who will tease you for being such a homebody, will drag you out occasionally, but is also happy to stay in with you. Since he’s not the leader of his pack, he’ll have more time to be attentive to your needs and make sure you’re having fun when you do head out with him and his buddies.


You’re rigid

You need to get in your particular work out every day at a particular time. You need everything a certain way. You don’t mind giving a waiter a mild tongue lashing for setting up your silverware improperly. You’re high strung. You stress out a lot. You worry about work constantly. Who is going to deal with you? Somebody, actually…

The good cop

Some men like dealing with super high-strung women. It’s a project they enjoy and those women can actually be beneficial for the men too by teaching them to stand up for themselves more. A super laid back, goes with the flow, warm and welcoming guy will be good for you. So long as he finds your high-strungedness cute and not a pain in the A$$. He will charm you down from your rants. He will make a joke when you’re going off at a waiter that will diffuse the situation and make you, in spite of yourself, burst out laughing. You can NOT date someone like yourself. Fights will never end because neither of you will admit you’re wrong. And, your negative energies will propel one another and you’ll leave a dinner both in a hissy about the only moderate service.

You’re super sensitive

You often become irrational. You get mad at him when you know he didn’t mean to do anything wrong but you need to throw your tantrum. You’re just an emotional person. Will anyone deal with you? Actually, yes…

Someone with sisters!

And two lesbian moms if possible. Not all men get scared away by emotional women. Some have learned not to internalize things when you go off at them, not to interrupt when you’re venting, and to just let you be irrational sometimes. They like that passion. They accept it as normal female behavior (it’s stereotyping, I know, but at least they don’t think it’s bad behavior) and they’ll be there with open arms when you say, “I’m sorry. I overreacted.” And they will never say, “I told you so.” Their sisters taught them not to.


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