Can Cannabis Lead To Better Sex For Women? Weed Say Yes

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The Emotional Benefits Of Cannabis And Sex

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One of the most powerful benefits of cannabis when it comes to sex is actually all in your head – literally. Cannabis has been proven to lower inhibitions. And that does wonders for one’s sex life.

When your inhibitions are lowered, you might finally feel comfortable asking for what you want in bed – what would actually get you off. So whether there’s a kink you’ve been keeping from your partner, or you’re interested in role-play, cannabis can help you express those desires.

Cannabis also helps you be more present. You’ve probably noticed how worries about emails or taxes float away when you’re high. When you’re fully present, you feel more connected to your partner. And emotional connection is important for a lot of women when it comes to sexual pleasure.

There’s one last incredible benefit of using cannabis before sex: it can help survivors of sexual assault enjoy sex more. A study out of Washington State University published in ScienceDaily found that cannabis can temporarily relieve symptoms of PTSD. This means women who struggle to enjoy sex due to flashbacks or disassociation might finally find their way back to enjoying physical intimacy with their partner.

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