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Man Licking Woman's Foot at La Nouvelle Justine, KINK

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Being into kink was considered a mental illness until 2013, says Psychology Today. No wonder the kink community largely keeps their lifestyle to themselves. But get this: Being kinky is not only totally fine – it can even be healthy. The Journal of Sexual Medicine found people into kink tend to have better mental health than others, and Mistress Velvet is a dominatrix who became viral for using her BDSM practice as a form of healing racial trauma.

Fortunately, psychology experts have realized that being into kink is not a sign of some kind of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) diagnosis. But still, there are some kinks people are still uncomfortable talking about—yet engage with on the low. People were taken back when Yung Miami was forthcoming about her enjoyment of golden showers which is one of the more common kinks known to the Black community. However, more Black folks are into kinky culture than we would like to admit. And the sake of privacy or shame, further explains why nobody is talking. So let’s get into it: Here are eight kinky kinks they Blacks are into but rarely talk about.


1) Golden Showers

Let’s ease in with the one you might be familiar with: the golden shower. Also known as water sports, piss play and – its official name – urolagnia. This involves enjoying either peeing on someone or being peed on. There is a clear power dynamic at play here. The one doing the peeing is the dominant one and the one being peed on is the submissive one. This kink is often performed in a shower or some place with a drain where the mess can be contained.


2) Scatophilia

Scatophilia—or in other words—ass scat, shit play or shit kink, involves sexual arousal from interaction with feces. It can involve being shat on or shitting on someone (usually with saran wrap in place for hygiene). It might also include watching someone defecate, being watched while taking a dump or smearing feces on someone’s body.


3) Spanking

Some folks like it when their partner spanks them with an open hand or an object (like a paddle or tassel). It can be a turn-on for the spanker or the ass getting spanked. Spanking is sometimes combined with other kinks, like role play in which spanking might come up like a naughty schoolgirl scenario.


4) Pregnancy Fetish

Someone with a pregnancy fetish derives sexual pleasure from pregnant women and might exclusively seek out pregnant women to have sex with. Tied into this fetish can be lactophilia, which is a fetish involving drinking from a baby bottle – possibly one filled with real breast milk. This kink can also involve being aroused by watching a mother nurse.


5) Tea-Bagging


You might have heard that some men like it when a partner tickles or licks their balls. Teabagging takes it to the next level. It’s the act of lowering the entire scrotum in a partner’s mouth, or on the face or head. For some, it’s a form of dominant/subordinate play. And some men just like the warm or wet sensation attention around the scrotum—not to mention the extra attention.


6) Fisting

You’ll want to make sure your lube supply is plentiful for this act. Fisting (aka handballing or fist-fucking) is the act of putting an entire fist into the vagina or rectum. Fisting is popular among those who like the feeling of being “filled up” or who like slow, deep penetration.


7) Rimming


People into rimming like to have their backdoors cleaned thoroughly. Okay we’ll say it: they like having their buttholes licked. And kissed. And sucked on. Rimming is also called Analingus and is the act of orally pleasuring the anal region. There is usually a good deal of prep involved to get the area, errr, ready to get tossed like a salad.


8) Choking

Choking aka sexual asphyxiation, and sometimes called breath play, involves choking someone or being choked for sexual pleasure. For some, playing with someone’s air supply or having theirs threatened can be arousing. However, this one comes with many risks including death, so choke with caution—and care.

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