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Keke Palmer, a singer, businesswoman, and multi-hyphenate entrepreneur will launch her new podcast series, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer, exclusively and ad-free on Amazon Music for Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers. This podcast will be streaming, Tuesday, November 1st. 

Keke is well-known for her countless roles on television and in movies, including her most recent role in NOPE. Fans now have a new way to enjoy everything Keke unfiltered with her new podcast. Her hilarious, and amusing personality, which is on display in interviews and on her social media will now be available weekly on Amazon Music.

Everything under the sun will be covered in Palmer’s podcast. From the existential to the inconsequential, from culture to popular culture to popular science, from the meaning of existence to “W.A.P.”, from life in space to “Where the eff is Tom from MySpace? and all that lies between.

Keke will delve deeply into subjects she is hooked on every week. Among her notable guests are Blac Chyna, Jaleel White, and others.

Keke chatted with MADAMENOIRE about her new podcast, the inspiration, and what to anticipate from this uncensored and entertaining show.


MADAMENOIRE: Hi. How are you?

KeKe Palmer: I’m good. How about yourself?


Doing pretty well. It’s a fantastic and blessed Friday.

I know that’s right, Amen. 


So, first I wanted to say congratulations on everything that you’ve accomplished… everything that you’re accomplishing! You’re out here killing a game. You have KeyTV, NOPE, and now your new podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer!, I just wanted to say congratulations.

Thank you!


No problem. My first question is, what inspired you to start this podcast?

I think inspiration came from a couple of things. I’m excited about it being all voice. I think I’ve done a lot of work in front of the camera, and obviously every now and then I’m sure we’ll film some episodes of podcasts. But I’m very excited about being able to just talk and just have conversations and not have to worry about how I look or being informative in that regard. It’s kind of just being able to really dive into the kind of conversations that I want to have. 

There’s a different feeling when you’re talking to somebody on the phone as opposed to when you’re in front of them, when you’re just having, like, just honest conversations. So, I’m excited to explore that, and then I’m excited to have all the opportunity to really craft a space that feels very original to me. I think sometimes when you do talk shows or Daytime TV, everything has to be limited to a certain format or a certain type of topic or a certain type of perspective or viewpoint. And I think with a podcast you don’t have that, you can really just kind of do your own thing and really explore any topic and any kind of guest, that’s another thing.

With daytime talk or TV show stuff, like, sometimes they only want celebrities. And I think podcasts are all about discovery, so you have the opportunity to discover different people in different fields that can offer unique POVs.


I love that. So, the podcast industry has been booming, especially since the pandemic. How will your podcast stand out amongst all the other podcasts out there?

Well, I think, again, not to be like cliché of this, but I do think it’s true for any podcast, the host is what always separates. I think for me, whether it be the topics or whether it be the way in which I talk about things, I think, again, everybody is only as unique as their perspective.

I have very different, or not even say very different, but I have very specific ways I think about things and look at things. I think if that’s something that somebody is interested in hearing and exploring, they want to hear what Keke has to say about this, or what Keke would say about this, or how she dived into this conversation or all those kinds of things. If they’re looking for a viewpoint like mine, then I think they would be able to enjoy it.


I know some aspects of your podcast will be about empowering women of all ages, all colors. Will have those deep, important conversations, involving things like women’s rights… Black Lives Matter? Will you be diving into those harsh topics that are hard to talk about?

I think yeah, at some point. I think for me, it’s always about finding the way in which you want to talk about something. I think carrying the weight of it all, I think is a big thing that a lot of us deal with is like how to not feel guilty about being happy and kind of just existing in our space. In our circle, while also feeling like, damn, am I doing enough for my community.

Black people, especially young black people, we feel like we have the damn weight of the world. Sometimes just having a good time and kind of just not overly focusing on all the hardships all the time, it makes you feel guilty.

So, I think having conversations like that, about realizing that you don’t always have to be on the front lines and that’s okay. If that is your calling and if that is what you want to do, that’s okay too. But that just because you’re black, it doesn’t mean that you got to always be preaching and teaching every damn minute.



Sometimes you can’t take a break, that’s okay. I think having those kinds of conversations to me is like, definitely perspective that I would want to explore because it gets exhausting being black and people always want to make your story about how oppressed you are. It’s just like, come on now, shit, I got other stuff that’s going on as well.


It’s about the balance.



It’s giving you’re going to have those conversations, but you’re also going to have a lot of fun. You’re going to have the comical side, the conspiracy theories.

Oh yeah!


You’re going to dive deep!

Yes, c’mon! C’mon conspiracy theories! I need to get with the kids and talk about this because what the hell is you talking about, y’all!


Can you give us some special guests? Who are you having on your podcast?

Who am I having on the podcast? I mean, we had Blac Chyna on, which is a lot of fun, and kind of talk to her about– I see Blac Chyna on front lines of what we consider like, the entire change of how we looked at strippers and what they were considered in our generation. Which really, they became influencers like the original Instagram girls.

I think a lot of times when I think about Blac Chyna. I would think most of my Blac Chyna. She was definitely like on the forefront of that in terms of pop culture and so exploring that conversation with her. Then also kind of how that plays the OnlyFans. How she’s perceived. How leading with sexuality or just beauty. What challenges that has brought to her and things like that. So that was a lot of fun.

Talking to Jaleel White about identity, talking to Kenan Thompson about knowing when you’re doing, and what you’re doing for your career is, like, the right thing. You know, Kenan Thompson is somebody that has done the same thing his entire life, essentially. Like, when you think about from all that, then SNL and what that meant for him.



I think for me, when it comes to having conversations with celebrities, it’s always about the piece of it that we all can relate to, because everybody’s not celebrities, but everybody knows what it feels like when you’re giving your all to something career wise and how to know when it’s something that you should continue to commit to or when you should walk away from it. So, for me, that’s always the viewpoint, especially when I talk to an entertainer, because I just want to bring everything down to earth.


That sounds so exciting. I am so excited for this Baby, This Is Keke Palmer! podcast!

Thank you.


My final question, who dead or alive, anybody, unlimited budget, who would you have on your podcast?

See I would love– I don’t know how expensive it is to talk to this person. I would love to talk to Berry Gordy.



I’d be very interested to talk to Berry Gordy about really what was going down in the Motown rappers.



I would love to talk to Diana Ross.


That’s a good one.

I would love to talk to, this is the thing there are a lot of people I want to talk to I don’t even know the names of yet. But I would like to talk to real experts and professors in specific fields. Why are sociopaths, sociopaths? Is there a real reason as to why? Like what are your thoughts on faith vs. Science?

Like, just shit like that. I’m very interested in those kinds of companies. Like Neil deGrasse Tyson, let’s bring his ass on. I’m very interested in talking and being like, how do you see the world? Where are the Albert Einstein’s? I want to talk to him, too. Come on. Mark Zuckerberg, get yo ass on the podcast. 


Mmhmm, yes! Your podcast is giving! I’m excited about this.

Thank you, I’m so glad!


Well, thank you so much for speaking to me, speaking with MADAMENOIRE. I am so excited. You’re killing the game; you’re out here being a boss. And you’re setting the example on how to be a boss.

Thank you.

Baby, This Is Keke Palmer! is now streaming.Listen now to the trailer and first episode of Baby, this is Keke Palmer HERE


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