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MADAMENOIRE: How’s Atlanta treating you?

Angela Simmons: It’s good. I mean, I can’t complain. It’s not New York, but that’s not why I moved. I wasn’t looking for New York, but I knew it would be a different pace. But I like it.

 MN: So, what brought you here?

My son. I felt like it was best raising [him] here. His God brothers are here, his godfather is here, his grandmother, his father’s side of the family. So, raising my son brought me here.

How old is he now?

He’s five.

So, what is it like to be a mom of five years old?

I don’t know. It’s like now he’s really in school. I’m like, this is real, class projects, this… that… Basketball. I’m like I thought it was a lot before. Now it’s like full throttle. They have their own mini life on top of my life.

Right. So, he turned school age during COVID. So, I’m guessing, is he going to school in person?

Yeah, he’s in person.

How is he enjoying that?

He likes it. I mean, he’s happy. He’s happy with his school. Heloves it. Okay.

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 Well, Angela, I got questions.

What’s up?

You’ve been a public figure for some time. We watched you go through a couple of things, love and loss, becoming a parent and a single parent, going through the many ups and downs of entrepreneurship, being attacked on social media. And recently you did an interview where you expressed that you were a survivor of domestic violence. And I really just want to ask how your heart is?

My heart is great. I feel good. I feel like when you go through things, as long as you really do your inner work and your therapy and stuff, that you’re going to be okay, I mean, you can have your days where you feel, how you’re going to feel, but you really have to go back and revisit those things so that they’re not affecting you on a day to day basis, because if you don’t, it’ll keep showing up.

And so, was that a difficult thing for you to disclose?

I would definitely say, yeah. It was definitely something I didn’t plan on necessarily sharing. But I do know that there are a lot of other women that have gone through it, are going through it. And to me, it’s like if they can get any words of advice to … move on and move on quickly, that’s my objective and to let them know they’re not alone. So, I opened this conversation up in my nonprofit. I have a program called Freshman Diamond. And I kind of opened up that conversation there where it was more private, intimate. And I just realized how many young girls who were going through similar things or even if they weren’t opening up, raising their hands to have conversations about what to do if a friend is in a relationship [where] that’s going on or what they should do. No, I didn’t plan on it. But I realized that it was something I had to talk about.

Well, thank you. Thank you for being so candid with that, with me and with everyone. Like you said, it’s a conversation that gets buried, closeted, even. 

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We’ve seen you on “Run’s House,” you have “Just Angela” coming up. Are there any moments– and I know this is like your field of work– are there any moments where you just kind of want to be away from producing reality TV or having the cameras on you and people having such a window into your life?

You know, it’s actually kind of a part of what I do already. I feel like even on my social media platform, I try to give you guys an inside of what I have going on. But no, I love TV, television and film. So, I’m definitely starting my own production company. I love TV and film. I mean, the reality part, I’ve been on it since I was 17. So, a lot of it is like I’m used to it.  

Right. So, you talked about a production team, a production company of your own. What might that entail? Do you know already? Can you share any details?

Yeah, I’m working on stuff behind the scenes that I’ve written. Like, I wrote some stuff a while back that I’m actually in the middle of pitching and selling. So, I mean, I’ve done a lot and I do a lot. I know, but it’s literally stuff I just love to do. And that’s why I’m such a free spirit when it comes to that stuff, because I love to enjoy what I’m doing.

Right. So, will anything involve scripted TV?

Yeah, most definitely …

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Tell us a little bit about built not bought.

Yes. So, I haven’t launched any programs yet or anything, but my partner and I used to do some extreme workouts. And during COVID he and I kind of partnered up and did a lot of workouts together … really to me it goes back to mind, body, soul. I feel like your mind has to be right. I encourage natural. But I also encourage what makes you feel good and look your best. But I know that it all starts mentally. So, if your mental health, nothing else can be good. 

So, what’s your workout regimen like?

They’re different. My trainer out here, LJ, she kills me. You know what I mean? Every day is different: leg day, arm day, back. Just varies. Honestly.

Are you addicted?

Definitely. Because it’s working out. I know that if there was any addiction I had it’s working out. 

Yeah, a lot of people talk about being addicted to working out and that adrenaline rush. And once you don’t start, it’s almost like you can’t stop. I feel like you’re passionate about all of your endeavors. If you had to say one was your favorite that you pull yourself completely into, which one would it be?

Well, for me, here’s the thing. Production, television and film already goes along with a side with who I am. So, it’s like I’m putting my time and effort in there but that kind of naturally happens. And then for my Simmons beauty skincare line, I love doing skincare stuff. That’s my thing … Expanding where I want to go. Stores, all of that stuff. And when you ask about built not bought, as you can see, I work out every day. So, there you have it. I like a lifestyle walking brand.

Well, we are loving this lifestyle thing.

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