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Tami Roman said she had to have a conversation with husband Reggie Youngblood after he got a little too comfortable using the B-word during the most recent episode of their Bonnet Chronicles podcast.

The couple was discussing retired NFL player Channing Crowder’s comments about how easy it was for married players, including himself, to cheat on their wives when out on the road. Roman asked her husband, who was a standout player at the University of Miami and an NFL prospect, if he ever cheated in past relationships due to the attention. He said he cheated one time in college but didn’t go wild because women being into him was nothing new. The conversation, while very interesting, turned into a “B—h” fest. He literally used the b-word at least 10 times to the point that it was hard to ignore.

“When you been getting hos since you was in elementary, like, when women just flock to you, it’s easy for you, that sh-t don’t mean nothin’. But when you only getting b—hes because of your status, ‘Oh this a new thing to me so I’m a go f–kin’ crazy.’ “But a real playa a– nigga that’s been about his b—hes, been had ’em, that’s not gonna move him,” he said.

“If you never had no hos, they probably feel like the baddest b—hes you ever seen in yo life…the most massive beautiful b—hes they ever seen!” he added.

It continued.

“You not gonna understand these b—hes,” he said. “Them hos is savages.”

And it continued some more.

“I always had b—hes. B—hes always threw themselves at me. That’s not the problem. That’s not the issue.”

Roman jokingly responded by saying, “Reggie, ain’t nobody tryna say you didn’t have b—hes, honey.”

“I’m just trying to let you understand. I know I said about the guys that never had b—hes and they start getting attraction from them because of their status. And then it change. You know, they go crazy,” he said.

And it continued some more when Youngblood talked about stepping out on his college girlfriend at the time just to see if he could pull the woman of his choice.

“This what happened. This was when I was in college, right. We going out on the weekends, whatever. It was a little regular little b—h in the club,” he said. “I had been faithful up to that point. I didn’t even want to cheat, but my young dumb a–, I’m like, let me see if I still got it…let me see if this pistol still fire.”

Some didn’t think too much about his repetitive use of the B-word (and commented that he was just talking in a very Houston way, as that’s where he’s from), but there were also others who pointed out that he was “throwing that word around like it was second nature. I was cringing every time he said it!”

One individual addressed Roman about it, saying, “Well glad he never cheated on you Tammi and I hope he don’t refer to you as a B !!! Periodt Cause he kept throwing the word around so freely.”

The Bonnet Chronicles star would go on to respond, making it known that she was actually taken aback by his use of the word and talked to him about it.

“oh this was addressed, believe me,” she said. “He doesn’t usually say the word so even i was shocked at how many times,” she added, “but we did discuss it.”

No word from Youngblood on the matter. He has always come off as a standup, supportive guy to his famous wife, so it’s clear he didn’t mean harm.

However, I will say that he wasn’t the only one in the podcast talking recklessly, as Roman herself had quite a moments of using the B-word when describing women on the pursuit of a come-up through a baller. (We’ve seen her use of the B-word on Basketball Wives so nothing new.) Perhaps he took her lead and got a bit too comfortable, and maybe when playing the conversation back, she realized things got too raw, per se. We definitely have to be careful how we speak about other ladies because the people around us, grown as they may be, take cues from the standards we set in how we speak about one another. If that works for them in the house, that’s their business. But once you bring all that kind of talk outside and to the masses, you have to be prepared for people to have something to say about it.

Great chat nonetheless, which you can check out here. But maybe save all those “b—hes” and “hos” for pillow talk.

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