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Our Kind Of People just keeps getting spicy. Piggy’s back in town and she notices that Nate and Angela are still co-parenting but under one roof now. Nikki has a date with Tayor. Angela lets Piggy know Tyrique has not been the same since she left.

Leah and Rymond are back on good terms. They discuss Darmon and Teddy’s ever lasting hold over it. Raymond lets Leah know he’s ready to show her father who she’s married to.

Quincy and Saloane almost get caught kissing by Saloane’s Grandmother. For more privacy, Quincy invited her to hang out later. Angela pops up on Tyrique to explain her feelings about him have not changed despite his drunk exit in episode 8. Tyrique still believes Angela may want Nate back.

At Graceties charity meeting, Olivia calls out Angela telling her she is not on their level. When Angela has had enough, Leah politely escorts her to Teddy’s office so they can inform her of the situation they’re in. Since his Parkinson’s was exposed, Franklin Holdings is going to shut down their summer program, which means they can longer invest in her business or anything of that matter. 

Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

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Leah tells her that she still has a chance to save her business, but she will have to fully commit to the Graceties Sisterhood and possibly get on Olivia’s good side.

Olivia pays a visit to Raymond, questioning him about Jack selling out to Teddy. Raymond assures he has everything under control. While Nikki, Taylor and Lauren are at the beach. Lauren asks to speak to Taylor privately to get advice on how she should go about explaining to her father what she found in her mothers car.

Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

Source: FOX Flash / FOX Flash

Leah is giving everything Angela could possibly need to succeed in becoming a part of the Graceties sisterhood. Angela is back at home and Nikki is helping her study to find a new sponsor at the next sisterhood gathering. Raymond’s mother pops up on Leah to check her about Teddy’s control over Darmon. Leah switches gears and questions Olivia about an old picture that includes her, Mama Rose and Eve, Angela’s mother.

While Teddy tries to get Raymond’s attention, Raymond informs him he’s been attentive ever since he bought Jack’s share of Darmon. Teddy corrects Raymond and lets him know Jack came to him and basically handed it to him. While Angela is looking through her inventory she finds what appears to be cocaine and kicks Nate out without any questions or an explanation.

Mama Liv stops by to see Jack. She lets him know what he sold to Teddy was never his to sell. When Mama Liv gets up to leave Jack tries to stop her by reflex she pushes him and he falls through a glass table. Saloane’s insecurities get to her after Quincy innocently introduces Saloane as the granddaughter of his house manager.

Our Kind of People Fashion Rundown

Source: FOX Flash / FOX Flash

Nikki and Taylor converse about scholarships at her boarding school. Lauren politely interrupts to see if Taylor could assist in finding out the truth behind the hotel key. When Lauren and Taylor enter Jack’s Hotel they see his deceased body and leave. 

While Angela tries to recruit a sponsor at the Graceties event, Mama Liv intervenes and pulls the potential Sponsor away. Lauren informs her parents about Jack and why she was there in the first place. Leah explains herself then Lauren storms out.

Angela tells Piggy she kicked Nate out because she found drugs. Piggy explains it was hers and she hasn’t been the same since Tyrique questioned her about his father which triggered other things in her past. Piggy also let Angela know Teddy can not be trusted because he’s been trying to use her past against her.

Leah tries to get Mama Liv to lay off Angela. Mama Liv explains her disdain for Angela and her deceased mother. 

While Angela welcomes Nate back into her home, she receives a call from the sponsor she was trying to recruit at the Graceties meet and they confirm a meeting. Angela and Nate kiss. Angela pulls back and lets him know she can’t be intimate with him.

Taylor and Lauren kiss after she checks up on her to see if she’s ok since seeing Jack’s body. Raymond lets Mama Liv know he found the glass she left at Jack’s hotel before she fled the scene. Raymond lets Mama Liv know she wont have control over Darmon.


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