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Our Kind Of People

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On this episode of Our Kind Of People. We start off at Steel Bay state prison. There’s tension between Nikki’s father and Angela. Angela wants to involve him in Nikki’s life since she’sbeen going through so much in the past year after the passing of Angela’s mother. Angela leaves the jail on bad note but with Nikki’s best interest in the forefront of her mind.

Rumors are going around that Angela is in Oak Bluff for the Franklin’s money. She sets the record straight that she’s only there to make a name for herself. In the same scene we meet Uncle Tizzy. Angela’s fabulous flamboyant brother, who lets her know she’s been all over social media since her appearance at the Franklin’s family reunion.

Lenny is pleased to be amongst black elites. He loves the idea of being a part of Franklin’s stadium deal. Some of Teddy’s associates are not pleased with how the Rose event ended. Teddy calls Leah and lets her know that the “dead beat dad” and “bastard child” chaos must be stopped.

When Leah hangs up the phone we see she’s actually in couples therapy with Raymond. Raymond feels like Ted controls their marriage and wants him gone. Leah doesn’t feel that way but doesn’t mind compromising with her husband on this one and says she would like her father to be less involved in their marriage. With the evident power struggles in their marriage the therapist ends the session with them needing to remove their mask and get to know each other again.

At the incubator’s program a sister makes a comment about Angela and how her big hair is blocking the view. Angela pays it no mind. Everyone begins to share their accomplishments. After Angela shares, she gets some unwanted commentary from her peer, speculating that it must’ve been easy joining the program since she is family. Raymond takes up for Angela. Leah ends the discussion with letting Angela know she has a lot of work to do and that she will earn her place in the incubators program.

Tyrique is confused and doesn’t understand why the Franklin family despises Angela so much. Tyrique let’s Leah know he knows how she can be especially since he had to take the heat from her at one point as well. Leah lets Tyrique know she’s just trying to protect her family 

Angela comes up with an amazing idea for a challenge as well as a way to get Leah off her back. She will let the Graceties, Leah’s women’s charity, talk about their everyday natural hair issues and experiences.

Tyrique has a come to Jesus moment and removes the cameras he installed in Angela’s shop. Angela apologizes saying she didn’t know how to tell him about her father. Tyrique wants to know if she wants anything from the Franklin family. Angela is tired of being asked that question so she kindly lets him know she needs space to figure everything out.

Taylor and Nikki almost kiss when Taylor is helping Nikki get prepared for her mother’s opening. Lauren stops by and wants to make it official with Taylor. Nikki lets Angela know she no longer wants to be the face of Eve’s Crown.  She sees all the hate her mother is getting and is afraid to receive the same hate.

Leah continues to sabotage Angela. Uncle Tizzy shows Angela a viral video of her saying she’s here to get her bag. The secret video Leah recorded out of context. Angela pays a visit to Leah and lets her know she’s a crab in a barrel for posting that secret video. Leah states her issue is with Angela’s mother. She doesn’t like how her mother ruined her parents marriage and broke her mother’s heart. She lets Angela know she’s ashamed of her and her father.

Uncle Tizzy gives Nikki some words of encouragement that Nikki actually listens to. Nikki has a change of heart that makes her want to reclaim her name as the face of Eve’s Crown. 

The episode wraps up with some interesting reveals. Leah learns her father has been using Raymond’s business Darmon for his own good. Ted tells Leah he has Parkinson’s Disease. 

Tyrique shows up to Angela’s opening with a gift. Angela lets Tyrique know she doesn’t want space anymore but she definitely doesn’t want him to get caught up in her family drama. Nikki and Taylor kiss. Raymond goes to New York and hires his ex wife to spy on Teddy Franklin. The plot continues to thicken. 


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