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sex toys 2021

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When you think of a sex toy, you might just think of a self-pleasure device that an individual buys to use alone, when they don’t have a sex partner – or their sex partner is out of town. But one survey found that 61 percent of Americans buy sex toys for themselves and a partner, and that only 30 percent of respondents use sex toys just for masturbation, making these devices and accessories an integral part of a healthy shared sex life. It also shows that sex toys are no longer pushed to the dark corners of the obscure and taboo markets. They’re a part of mainstream shopping now. You can even find many on Amazon, right alongside your toothpaste and plastic plants.


Can sex still be enjoyable without the enhancement of things that vibrate and gyrate? Of course. But, it can certainly be a whole lot more fun with the addition of technology. It’s like many things humans have been doing for centuries, that are just a little better with the help of electronics, control panels, etc. – like riding a real bike versus an electric one or getting a hand massage versus sitting in one of those wonderful massage chairs. Why not let a little innovation show you just how great an experience can be? If you’ve been interested in delving into the world of sex toys, here are some top-selling products that can help with nearly everything you like to do in the bedroom.


For clitoral stimulation: The Firefighter

Made for clitoral stimulation, as well as for stimulation on the vulva around the clitoris, the Firefighter has a unique shape with a precision nose and flame shape (hence the name) to broaden out its vibrations. Not only is it silent for discreet play, but it’s also 100 percent waterproof for a little fun in the shower. It has four speeds and two pulsation modes to help you customize the experience is made with body-safe silicone, and is cruelty-free. This is a new and improved version of the company’s Fireman, and has a rounder tip, softer edges, and a greater rotational diameter for more coverage.

For penile stimulation: The Lovehoney Wild Ring

The Lovehoney Wild Ring is a cock ring with a remote control that lets either the wearer or his partner, be in control of the action. Its stretchy material helps it fit comfortably over most members, and its slightly textured design adds to the sensation. Made with hypoallergenic silicone, it’s most compatible with water-based lubricant, and even though it goes on a man’s penis, it can up the pleasure factor for both parties during partner play. It has 10 levels of vibration, giving you the option to slowly increase the intensity. You’ll notice there are two rings: the larger of the two is made to go over the testicles.

For beginner anal play: The Hisionlee anal plug set

If you’re still coming around to the idea of backdoor action and could use some help easing into it, this butt plug set can help. It has four plugs of varying sizes to help you explore your comfort level, but each is meant to help you discover where your G-spot is. The kit also includes an enema to help you get all clean and ready for anal play, as well as lubricant. Each plug has a tapered tip for easy insertion and removal, and the set is available in black or purple – in case the color of your backdoor accessories is important to you.

For temperature play: The Pipedream Icicles No.2

Glass dildos are different from silicone ones in that, due to their material, they’re easy to form into beautiful and unique shapes. This hand-blown one is designed to hit your G-spot, and its bubble shape creates some interesting sensations for vaginal or anal play. Thanks to its glass material, it’s also ideal for temperature play as it is microwave- and freezer-safe. When not in use, if you happen to leave it out, it looks like an attractive glass sculpture, making it quite discreet. It’s easy to clean, and as far as sex toys go, rather affordable. As always, use with plenty of lubricant.

For comfortable positioning: The Dame Pillo

While not technically a toy, the Dame Pillo can certainly enhance your sexual experience and give you a lot more freedom to try an array of positions. It’s like a chiropractic wedge pillow, made specifically for intercourse. It’s ideal for angling a woman’s pelvis up during missionary or cunnilingus, and many other acts. The pillow has a water-resistant liner, a soft cotton cover, and grab handles for quick and easy repositioning. Because it looks just like an ordinary pillow, you can leave it out when guests are over and nobody will be the wiser. You can even use it for nap time or TV time.

For him, when you’re not there: The Tenga Eggs

For those who want something more compact than a fleshlight and less conspicuous, there’s the Tenga Egg series. Made for his pleasure, the eggs come with a little pouch of lubricant that you’ll pull out, and empty the contents of into the egg. The stretchy material expands to pull over and conform to the male member, creating an authentic sensation during masturbation. Each egg offers a slightly different sensation, so men can experiment which each one to see what they like best. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or need to be away from your partner for a while, leave him with a “carton of eggs,” to help get him through this alone time.


For beginners bondage: The Original Sportsheet Set

If you’re in the mood to be tied up or tie someone up, you don’t want to get slowed down by the logistics of what attaches where. This Sportsheet set has four hook and loop anchor pads that can adhere to any spot on the included sheet, and four cuffs that attach to those, so there’s no limit to your bondage setup. The adjustable restraints can be made to fit a large range of wrists, ankles, and even throats and the sheet comes in queen or king size to fit your bed. The sheet is machine washable for easy cleanup, and the cuffs and anchor pads are made with durable ABS plastic, and hypoallergenic nickel-free metal hardware.

For threesomes: The Motorbunny

When threesomes involve one man and two women, that can often leave one female feeling a bit left out at certain critical moments. That’s where the Motorbunny comes in. This ride-on toy features a saddle on which you’ll affix one of the attachments (dildos). Using the remote panel, you can control the movement and speed of the saddle, which will cause the attachment to thrust, twirl, and so on. It’s like bringing a fourth man into the room, without really adding another person. You can program it to remember your favorite riding routines, and even sync it up to Siri voice control.

For lesbian couples, or pegging: The Lovehoney double strap-on

Regular strap-on’s can leave one person enjoying all the action while the other does all the work. This double-strap on from Lovehoney makes sure nobody feels left out. The longer shaft has an adjustable angle to get the perfect position, while the smaller one goes inside the thrusting party, so each individual enjoys stimulation. It can also be used for pegging within heterosexual couples, so the woman and man can both have some fun. Its unique design technically makes it a strap-less strap-on, so it won’t slide around, and allows for hands-free action. The base accommodates a single-speed bullet vibrator for added intensity.

For simulated cunnilingus: The We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe melt uses a combination of gentle air and pulsating technology to nearly replicate the real experience of cunnilingus. It has 12 intensity levels and is whisper quiet for discretion. Free from latex, BPA, and phthalates, it’s gentle on most users, and because it’s USB chargeable, it’s easy to power up on the go. It comes with a small sample of We-Vibe’s personal lubricant, as well as a convenient storage pouch. Good for those in long-distance relationships, it connects to the We-Connect app so a partner can control your pleasure from anywhere to help you feel connected, even when miles apart.

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