Signs You Desperately Need A Chiropractor

May 3, 2018  |  
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For whatever reason, chiropractors have a reputation of mostly serving the fifty and over group (maybe some people in their forties are getting on board). Even in my friend group of thirty-something’s, if someone mentions going to a chiropractor regularly, they can expect the jokes to start flying like which retirement community do you live in these days? And do you have your will in order? Funny enough, a lot of those same friends who make those jokes complain of chronic aches and pains that stop them from doing things they want to do every day. Many of my friends are just surviving on heat packs and velcro compression wraps they bought at the pharmacy, but they aren’t looking into the root of their issue. No matter your age, you have a spine don’t you? And joints? Alright then. Here are signs you desperately need to go to the chiropractor. compress

You rely on pharmacy fixes

Like wedge pillows you place under one hip at night to relieve pain, ice packs, hot packs, compression wraps, and ointments you rub on your joints to quiet their crying.

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You take painkillers every day

You take painkillers every day to address the chronic pain that is showing up in the same place. If you didn’t take these painkillers, you wouldn’t be able to go about your daily activities.

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You’ve given up on certain activities

There are certain activities—like hiking, dancing, swimming, or simply vacuuming and shaving your legs—that you’ve given up on entirely. Doing these things stresses certain parts of your body that just can’t handle it anymore.

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And certain limbs altogether

Actually, you’ve given up on certain limbs altogether. You walk so as to not put pressure on this foot, that leg, or this hip. You never left things with one particular arm. A whole area of your body is out of commission, and you just live with that.


You exercise regularly

If you are someone who exercises regularly, you almost certainly need to see a chiropractor. Exercising of course has its benefits, but an active lifestyle puts you at a higher risk for alignment issues.


You have unexplained headaches

If your regular doctor hasn’t been able to pinpoint the cause of your headaches, you may need to see a chiropractor. Chronic neck, upper back, and shoulder pain can creep up your spine and cause headaches.


You had a sudden sharp pain

If you, at one point—or occasionally—have extremely sharp, shooting pains that require you to lie down, you should see a chiropractor. You may have nerve or disc damage.


Your shoes look funny

Does one shoe wear out quicker than the other? You could be favoring one leg, due to pain in the other. Or, an alignment issue may have left one leg slightly shorter than the other.


You fell

If you recently fell—particularly on your bottom or back—you should definitely see a chiropractor. You may not have felt the effects of the fall right away, but most falls cause an issue somewhere in the joints or spine that require correction.

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You got in a minor accident

If you got in a minor car accident in which there were no apparent injuries, you should probably still see a chiropractor. The impact of even small car accidents can still jolt your body, and cause alignment problems.


Your posture is not great

Do people often comment on your posture? Are you hunching forward? Or jutting your hips out? If you sit at a desk all day, you’ll likely develop posture issues over time that a chiropractor can help with.


Your range of motion has diminished

You cannot turn your head to the side far enough such that your chin aligns with the top of your shoulder. You cannot twist your body far enough to reach something on your left side with your right hand, or visa versa.

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You experience numbness in your legs

You often experience numbness or tingling in your legs. If you’ve suffered nerve damage (say, from a fall), this can result in numbness in surrounding limbs that can make it difficult to carry out every day activities.


You struggle with balance

You struggle with balance. You often feel a sudden need to sit down, or rest your hand on something to regain balance. Your doctor hasn’t been able to identify a neurological cause of this.

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You have IBS

If you have struggled with bowel issues for a long time, and nothing seems to help, you might consider seeing a chiropractor. Alignment issues can actually affect your intestines and, therefore, your bowel movements.

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