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When this time of year rolls around, cold weather and a cold bed can have you feigning for someone to cuddle with. And for some single ladies, there are simply no available options to entertain. But don’t despair. Times like these call for a little self-love session to pass the time. And don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be lonely or sexually frustated to masturbate. As a matter of fact, touching yourself can be a normal part of your night time routine.

“Masturbation is healthy and natural and is not something that should be considered secretive or shameful,” Dr. Lisa Masterson, one of the original hosts of the daytime talk show ‘The Doctors’ explains.

“The release of endorphins in the brain and the increased blood flow throughout the body contribute to physical and mental well-being.”

An activity that contributes to your well being that isn’t exercise and is 100% pleasurable, sign me up!

Before you get it on with yourself, here are some tips if you are new to this form of self care.

Take A Shower

Nothing makes me feel sexier than my soft, smooth skin wrapped up in clean sheets. The hot water from the shower will relax you and put you in the right mode for a little stroking. Take the time to slowly lotion yourself before getting into bed. Enjoy!

Start With Your Hands

If you’re new to this and not true to this, toys can be a little intimidating. News flash—your hands can work just as well.  I like to start by just rubbing and touching all the parts of my body that are NOT my vagina and clitoris (breasts, neck, lips, thighs,) as a sort of self-foreplay before I begin.


For a lot of women, the orgasm begins in your mind. Fantasize about an ideal scenario where you felt wild, sexy or free or pull up a situation you experienced in real life from your mental catalog. Remember how you felt. The smells. The tension. The sounds. The more you can put your brain back in that state of bliss, the better.

…There’s Also Porn

If you have a hard time visualizing, there’s porn for that. And yes, that includes all the hardcore raunchy stuff you could imagine, or the softcore lovemaking scenes that make you quiver. The thing about porn is, there’s something for everyone!

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On The Orgasm

If you don’t masturbate often, it’s possible you don’t know what your body likes yet. All good! Focus on getting familiar with yourself–how you feel, your breathe, sensations. This isn’t a race. Getting to know your pleasure spots takes time. So take your sweet time, girl!


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