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In an utterly transparent interview with “Red Table Talk” Bobby Brown addressed the devastating manner in which drugs ravaged his family, claiming the lives of his ex-wife Whitney Houston, his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, and most recently, his son Bobby Brown Jr.

Brown said that Bobby Jr., who died last November of a lethal combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol, was not an abuser of drugs, but he did occasionally experiment.

“I want to make it clear, he wasn’t a user. He would experiment with different things but he wasn’t dependent on drugs like I was when I was in my situation,” said Brown. “I depended. I needed it. He was a young man who tried the wrong stuff and it took him out of here.”

Brown went on to address the opioid crisis and the dangers of using street fentanyl.

“These kids today, they’re trying different things,” said Brown. “They’re trying to get as high as they can get. It’s a real problem because they don’t know what these drugs are being mixed with these days.”

The person responsible for dealing the fentanyl that was consumed by Bobby Jr. has yet to be found, but the investigation is ongoing.

“There are murderers out there right now creating these synthetic drugs that are killing these kids. They’re committing murder. That’s homicide,” said Brown.

The New Edition singer believes that his prior drug use is to blame for Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Jr.’s decision to use and experiment with drugs.

“My babies are gone,” he said. “My time played a part in my kids feeling as though they could test something and I feel guilty about that.”

Bobbi Kristina, in particular, witnessed a lot in her young age, according to Brown, which blurred her perception of things as she got older, Brown explained.

“She saw firsthand things that were wrong,” he said. “It confused things and she was unfortunately stuck in an abusive relationship with a boy who basically controlled her to the point where her life was taken.”

When asked if he believes Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s fiancee, was responsible for her death, Brown said, “Definitely. Yes, definitely.” When pressed further about whether or not he believes Gordon drugged Bobbi Kristina, he replied, “Yes definitely.”

Brown went on to note that the stark similarities in the circumstances of Bobbi Kristina’s and Whitney’s deaths make him believe that Gordon played a role in both tragedies.

“He was the only one there with both situations — with my ex-wife and with my daughter and they both died the same way,” said Brown.

“You believe that he killed Whitney as well?” Willow Smith asked.

“I believe so,” Brown replied. “This is my opinion of who I think this young man was being around my daughter and being around my ex-wife. I think he was more so a provider of party favors.”

The “Every Little Step” singer revealed that he had plans to meet with Gordon to learn more about Bobbi Kristina and the state that she was in during her final days, but he never got the opportunity because Gordon died of a drug overdose before while Brown was in rehab for alcohol use. Although he now alleges that Gordon was abusive to Bobbi Kristina, Brown says that he was not made aware of this until after his daughter passed away.

“I found out after her passing. That was the hard part,” he said. “I didn’t know why I didn’t see it. We didn’t spend as much time together after her mother’s death as we should have.”

The relationship between Brown and Bobbi Kristina was strained after her mother’s death, but they were working to repair things. Bobbi Kristina was set to fly out to her father’s home to spend time and work on mending their relationship, but she died two days prior to her scheduled trip.

“It was a matter of two days and she would have been on the flight,” Brown recalled. “Two days before this all happened. If I could just get those two days back she would still be here and I would have found out what was going on. It was rough and it still is. I think about it every day. It’s pushed down. I’m keeping it away from me as much as possible because I couldn’t do nothing then and I can’t do nothing now.”

Watch Brown’s full interview here.


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