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Was LaToya really trying to block some blessings or was Drew just being super messy? In last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers watched as the cast got different sides of the story regarding what type of relationship LaToya had going on with Drew’s family friend — a man of God named Prophet Lott.

If you’ve been keeping up with season 13, you’d know that Drew and LaToya have gone back and forth in petty arguments all season. In the beginning, LaToya kept on going after Drew and making fun of the latter’s quarantine wigs. The women also threw jabs back and forth regarding the statuses of each other’s marriages. More recently, while the cast was on a girl’s trip to New Orleans, Drew brought up in front of the other women that LaToya had attended her Church one Sunday and that at one point, she opened up about wanting to cut down on her drinking. Since it was pretty obvious that LaToya had told Drew that information in confidence and at a moment when she was vulnerable, Drew’s move to publicly call her out on it during the trip didn’t go over well with some of the other ladies.

In last night’s episode, things between the two women got even more complicated and confusing. During a conversation with her husband about their daughter’s “baby blessing,” Drew explained that she no longer felt comfortable with Prophet Lott overseeing the ceremony because she’d apparently been hearing from different sources that he’d become involved with LaToya romantically and/or sexually. According to her, whatever was allegedly going on between LaToya and the prophet was particularly messed up since the latter was supposedly engaged and had a newborn. Later, as seen during Cynthia’s Black-owned businesses pop-up event, Drew spread the word about how she felt LaToya had disrupted the plans for her baby’s blessing and in the scenes after, LaToya told Kandi that Drew’s rumors were false. Refuting them, she claimed only being involved in the pastor’s “six-week program” and told Kandi that she and he weren’t romantically linked.

When all of the ladies made their way to Cynthia’s wine cellar to celebrate the success of her event, the drama inevitably continued to unfold from there. As Drew confronted LaToya, she directly told her, “You’re playing with the church, you’re playing with the prophet — you’re preying on the prophet, and you got that Delilah spirit and it’s a problem.”

While the cast is still reeling from #Strippergate, why is Drew trying to make #Pastorgate the cast’s next big hurdle? To be honest, the RHOA ladies have been so worried about who each of them has been sleeping with that it’s actually exhausted us as viewers. It’s boring, immature, and honestly not a good look.

It’s understandable that Drew was upset about not being able to have Prophet Lott officiate her daughter’s blessing anymore but it still didn’t justify the way she tried to publicly drag LaToya’s name through the mud. Since her faith is clearly a big aspect of her life, why can’t she see that even if Latoya was romantically involved with the prophet that it’s very hypocritical of her to have such a big issue with it? Hasn’t she been one of the women who didn’t think it was cool for Kenya to be hounding Porsha on whether she slept with B.O.L.O all season? As a side note, isn’t Drew’s mother a pastor? Why didn’t the family just opt for her to do the baby’s blessing instead of creating all this fuss over Prophet Lott?

For the record, towards the end of the episode, LaToya called the prophet so the women (sans Drew) could hear his side of the story regarding the rumors Drew circulated. As he explained, Drew allegedly never followed up with him about being a part of her baby’s blessing ceremony so he’d felt those plans were never set in stone. Also, he emphasized that he and LaToya never had anything more than a faith-based relationship. According to him, LaToya couldn’t have ruined his engagement because it had actually been called off over three years ago.

Especially since her rumors don’t seem like they’re holding up in comparison to LaToya and Pastor Lott’s explanations of their relationship, do you think Drew was wrong for coming at LaToya the way she did? Hopefully, we’ll get more answers at the reunion — but until then, see some of the best tweets from last night’s episode down below.

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