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This story and its title have been updated to include Adam’s response to LaToya’s claims. 

Posted earlier today, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star LaToya Ali shared two videos on her YouTube channel explaining the divorce between her and her estranged husband Adam. In the candid interview, the YouTuber admitted to cheating during the marriage and claimed to be a victim of physical abuse.

“I’m kind of scared to post this — but I have to tell my story,” LaToya shared on her feelings about posting the videos on Youtube, where she’s known as LaToya Forever. Titled “Why Did I Get A Divorce?” LaToya discussed the beginning of her relationship with Adam and becoming pregnant with their first two children in Part 1 of the two videos before the interviewer asked her if Adam had ever cheated on her.

While she says she never knew for sure, she did recall finding out that he was “texting a girl inappropriately,” which caused her to save the number in her phone. According to her, it later helped her realize that Adam had been texting the girl again several years later in 2019. From her account, that was at the time when she was pregnant with their son Ayah, and Adam had even been texting the woman about going on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

When asked about whether Adam had ever been physically abusive with her, LaToya shared that she had cheated on him while on a vacation and when she returned, Adam choked her in a violent rage. As Canadians living in Atlanta, she recalled not calling the police due to fear of endangering his life as a Black man or getting him deported back to Canada.

“So I went on a boat cruise and I cheated on Adam,” LaToya admitted. “I got physical with a male — we didn’t have intercourse at all. When I got back from the cruise Adam found out about it. When I walked in the house I saw him sitting on the couch and he just looked irate. He looked like he was — he just looked like he was crazy. And it kind of scared me because I was like ‘What’s going on here?’ Because I didn’t think that he would know what I was doing on a cruise in the middle of the ocean.”

“So I went upstairs,” she continued recalling the night of her return, “and I went to bed because I was tired. When I went to bed, he came in the room and he turned down the light, grabbed my legs, and pulled me — like dragged me off the bed. He picked me up, shoved me against the wall, and he started to choke me.”

Latoya said that at that point, her kids ran into the room and began crying and asking their father to stop. According to her, Adam then took her phone and smashed it, and she recalled genuinely fearing for her life.

“I ran out [of] the house and I was going to like the neighbors’ homes and trying to figure out like okay, ‘I need to call somebody,'” she said before highlighting that she chose to call a family member. “People would expect you to call the police but I would never call the police on a Black man. Knowing our status in this country — we’re Green Card holders — you can literally get deported. So I was thinking about his future and not thinking about myself. Although I should have called the police because he did abuse me physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Before the clip from the full video that’s shared down below ended, LaToya clarified after being asked by the interviewer that the time she cheated on the cruise wasn’t the only time she was unfaithful in her marriage.

On her Instagram, she’s additionally been posting threatening messages that she’s allegedly received from Adam since posting the videos detailing her side of the story on the reasons for their divorce. In one of her most recent posts, she claimed that Adam was the one who resurfaced the video of her that went viral a couple of months ago where she referred to one of her ex-best friends of a darker complexion as “ghetto” with “donkey kong lips.”

“Adam is the one that made my story time video of me allegedly being a ‘colorist’ PUBLIC after I put my story times on private,” LaToya shared. “He wants to sabotage and destroy everything I have worked hard for. He hacks my accounts, my phone, my iCloud, and records private conversations to try to hold against me. I’m so happy that I’m free from this abuse.”

A screenshot of that post from LaToya’s story can be seen down below.

As of now, it’s unclear on whether LaToya and Adam’s divorce has been finalized — as public reports share conflicting information. If you recall, LaToya signed her name as “LaToya Howard” a few months ago which could mean anything from confirming that the two’s divorce was official to it just being another step she’s taken to separate herself from the marriage. Regardless, we’ll keep you updated as this story progresses.

** Update**

For the record, LaToya mentioned in her Part 1 video that she was addressing her divorce due to an interview Adam recently did where he spoke on it first. Now following her YouTube posts, Adam has spoken out again. In a livestream he posted today, he claimed that LaToya put a tracker on his car (which she also mentioned doing in one of her recent videos), hired a private investigator to track his moves, has been considering buying a gun as per the suggestion of “this person she’s talking to,” and that the RHOA star makes $1000 per an episode of the show. Discussing their complications further, Adam shared that LaToya’s interest in getting a gun caused him to get a restraining order against her and that her family had even convened with him about he could best handle her behavior.

See the clips of his livestream down below.

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