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Even if you were nearly attached to your partner before the pandemic, you still had some time apart. You’d go to the gym, you’d go to work, you’d go out with friends, you’d go shopping…you had some natural time away from one another. And that was a good thing. Studies have found that many couples believe time apart is more important to the health of their relationship than date nights. The pandemic has, of course, robbed us of many of our common ways to take time to ourselves. It’s not as if you were going to go to a spa or take yourself on a date to a movie theater when COVID-19 cases were soaring. If going into an office was your way to take space, that probably went away during the pandemic, too.


No matter how much you * thought * you knew your partner before the pandemic, sharing the same space, 24/7, might have shown you things you’d never seen before. Furthermore, the completely novel and strange circumstances of a pandemic brought out sides of all of us that we didn’t know were there. Maybe you learned you can really hustle when you have to, and rise to the challenge when times are hard. Maybe you learned you’re a hermit and didn’t miss people…like at all. While you witnessed these things in yourself, you were witnessing them in your partner, too. Here are things you may have learned about your partner during the pandemic – whether you wanted to or not.


How much he talks to himself

You may not have realized how much your partner spoke to himself until now. Maybe he was always someone who said his thoughts out loud. Research has found there are actually benefits to talking to oneself, particularly when it comes time to find something. So if your partner often mutters to himself when looking for his keys or a book, he’s onto something. And if he’s just practicing an argument he’ll later have with a coworker, maybe that’s helpful, too. Between being in the same space as your partner all day, and the fact that we literally do not have as many people to speak to as we did before the pandemic, you may find your partner is always gabbing with himself.

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