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As always, Wendy Williams is in the headlines. While speaking with fellow TV personality and physician Dr. Oz on his show recently, the host shared her opinion on the COVID vaccine and why she wouldn’t be it — at least anytime soon.

“No. I don’t trust it,” Williams told the doctor. “There, I said it. I don’t trust it. I’ve never gotten the flu shot either though, and you and I have talked about that. Several of the doctors on my team have told me, ‘Wendy, get the flu shot.’ [But] I’ve never had the flu, I’m not getting a flu shot.”

“I very rarely get a cold, I never have headaches. I don’t take an aspirin because I feel my heart murmur or something like that. I’m not getting — no!” the TV host emphasized again. Continuing to explain the logic that makes sense to her, she said, “Listen, 10 million people and more have the flu vaccine, and how many people per year catch the flu? No, I’m not getting the vaccine Dr. Oz. I’m not. I don’t trust it!”

Despite knowing doctors have helped with the formulation processes of the vaccines, and that they have been the first to get shots in many states, Williams concluded, “Doctors are really smart people, but doctors don’t know everything. That’s been proven, as well. I’m not getting the vaccine.”

Although Williams is kinda kooky and eccentric at times, she’s also very influential. With the thousands of people who watch her show every day, the TV host definitely has the power to impact how her viewers think about getting the vaccine. It’s an ironic situation because, unfortunately, Williams also reflects how many Black women honestly feel about the possibility of getting the vaccine themselves.

Based on that, it probably would have been best if Williams just kept her opinion private. There’s already so much fearmongering and misformation going around about COVID-19 and the vaccines that are attempting to combat its spread. When it all boils down, no one should be basing their decision to get the vaccine off of another person’s choice anyway, so did any of us really need to hear what Williams had to say about this?

To see a clip of some of Williams’ comments, view them down below.


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