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The definition of conviction is “A firmly held belief or opinion.” But it’s not as easy as just thinking something. Look at that definition again – “firmly held.” There’s an action happening there. Being a person of principle isn’t as simple as thinking a certain way. Life will constantly send you challenges that try to rip those beliefs out of your hands. People and circumstances will tempt you to let go of those beliefs. Having conviction can mean walking away from things that seem appealing at first, but that you know wouldn’t be good for you in the long run. It can mean walking away from people that meet that description, too. It can mean doing things the hard way, even when there is an easy way, because the easy way isn’t in line with your beliefs.

Firmly holding onto your beliefs will take just about every fiber in your being sometimes. And that’s why so many people lack conviction. It’s not an easy thing to have. However, without it, life is kind of a mess. You feel out of control, and vulnerable. You can even feel some shame. Being a person of conviction isn’t just some fancy and vague title to ascribe to superheroes or characters in our favorite movies. It’s an action of which we’re all capable. We spoke with therapist Lacrisha Holcomb (IG: @therapyislight), owner of Therapy is Light and a collaborator on the recovery experience app Reframe that helps individuals get sober. She knows a thing or two about having conviction during difficult times.

Lacrisha Holcomb

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It’s about non-negotiables

Having conviction means living in a way that shows your worth is non-negotiable, says Holcomb. “It empowers us to reach a place in which our values, beliefs, and character—the things that strengthen our conviction—our non-negotiables.” Conviction is also about sticking to your path, and not letting others alter it. As Holcomb says, “Whether someone wants to participate in my journey, enhance it, or remove themselves is completely their choice.”

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