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Eva Marcille hair

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Cynthia Bailey tied the knot in grand fashion on Saturday, and she had some of her best Real Housewives of Atlanta girlfriends by her side to celebrate the moment as bridesmaids. Though very uncommon, all the bridesmaids wore white (Bailey did wear a nude, embellished bridal gown though, still differentiating herself), and they all stood out by wearing very different styles of gowns. No bridesmaid stood out more though than Eva Marcille. The model and TV personality wore a strapless gown with a high slit. She accessorized not only with gold slides, but also with blinged-out bracelets and, most notably, a pearl-adorned updo. The beauty has been wearing short goddess locks, and instead of wearing them down for the celebration, she pulled them into an updo with pearls covering the look.

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The style ended up garnering many mixed reactions. Some thought it was “gorgeous,” while other said the style was “a hot mess” and told Marcille so on her Instagram page. A relative of the star responded to detractors by saying that “Soon and very soon ppl will start stealing this hair style.” Some disagreed, one even pointing out that it’s already a known style people do with locs called a “palm tree.” Eventually, Marcille responded to all the conversation, taking to her niece’s comment to say, “Little do they know it it is traditional African hair style especially to an elegant evening. We are so colonized and so European we don’t even see black beauty in front of us.”

“I love my hair, my uniqueness and BLACK BEAUTY,” she added.

Marcille also stated on another post when asked why she wore her hair in the style that it was “because @cynthiabailey liked it.” Marcille was comfortable in the look, and the bride had no complaints about it, so that was all people needed to know.

It’s refreshing to see Marcille stand up for a look that she says is traditionally African, as she was heavily criticized (including by me) last year for calling RHOA co-stars Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams “nappy heads.” But as she would later say, she claimed she didn’t mean any offense because she too considers herself what she called those women.

“I’ve said it before, I am definitely head of the Nappy Hair Committee – me, my momma, and my daughter. And anybody that identifies with us? Welcome. And if you don’t identify with that, that’s totally fine. I mean, nothing offensive,” she said. “I happen to be a Black woman…I explained that to Marley the other day.  She was rolling around on the grass, and got grass all in her hair. As I tried to take it out, she began to cry. I said, ‘Baby, you are Black. You have beautiful curls called naps. It’s going to hurt!’ It’s just what it is! I’m not offended by the things that make me beautifully Black.”

All that being said, this beautifully Black and very tall wedding style had a lot of people talking. Hit the flip to check out what they had to say about it on social media.

Eva Marcille hair

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Twitter user @KolorsofKeish couldn’t believe Marcille was given the OK to wear her hairstyle, commenting, “Cynthia let Eva be in her wedding with that hair???”

User @OmgDahm took things a step further, saying that Marcille has a track record of bad wedding hair.

“Eva’s hair always sucks when it comes to weddings. Even her own.”

Eva Marcille hair

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User @notrowenaa said she couldn’t understand the look Marcille was going for.
“I don’t know what Eva was doing at Cynthia’s wedding when she done her hair like that lol. #RHOA”

As for @aaaye_itsdray, she said she needed some answer for all the questions she had about it.

“Just seeing Eva’s hair from Cynthia’s wedding.. so many questions”

Eva Marcille hair

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@iamsassydani asked what others thought about Marcille’s hair, because she said she wouldn’t have let the star walk down the aisle with that look.
“Ok ladies what do you think about Eva’s hair for Cynthia’s wedding? I personally don’t care for it and would have not let her wore it like that.”

@gigibadazz said whether people like it or not, they’re talking about it.

“Eva upstaged Cynthia at her wedding everybody talking about her hair style lol”

Twitter user @Avendrell joked that Marcille’s hairstyle inspiration came from the eye-popping look:

User @MsNaturalNelly said she didn’t think the hairstyle was meant to be artistic or different, but rather, she thought it had to be a joke.

“I wanna know the story behind Eva’s hair at the wedding. It gonna be a joke right?..lost a bet or somethin…”

Eva Marcille hair

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Twitter user @TheRealLA_ said Marcille would have been escorted out for trying to wear a style like that at her wedding.

“Eva would of been kindly removed from my wedding party, wearing her hair like that.. tf.. I rather you let the dreads hang down.. or braids or tf ever they are” 

As for @_natorii, she aid, “i just wanna say that Eva looked silly as hell with that hair style at Cynthia’s wedding”

Twitter user @JoeArdificial said that Marcille’s hair looked like something inspired by a Who out of Whoville.

User @Kariseen couldn’t compare the look to anything because they couldn’t understand it.

“What was wrong with Eva hair last night? I really don’t understand. She would’ve had to change that before she could be in my wedding pics”

Eva Marcille hair

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Marcille is often lauded for her flattering hair choices, especially by her fans. However, user and supporter @SlimSavageeeee said, “I love me some Eva but she dead wrong for having her hair standing on top her head like that for Cynthias wedding then gone put them weak a– pearls on it.”
Eva Marcille hair

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Twitter user @ThickHERbell said, “Everybody talking about how Bad Eva Marcille hair was for Cynthia’s wedding ……. like y’all forgot she had that stupid a– ponytail for her wedding? Of course her hair was gonna be stupid for somebody else wedding.” 
But @_BonAbatiste was a little more compassionate. 
“I’m rly tryna see the vision for eva’s hair at Cynthia’s wedding this weekend but um…”
Eva Marcille hair

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Twitter user @iam_ericanicole said the beauty would have been chopped from her bridal party for such a style. 
“I would be one bridesmaid short cuz Eva’s hair would not walk down the aisle at my wedding.” 
@Juana4ev was also not fond of the look, and had questions. 
“Eva looks a fool with this hair at Cynthia’s wedding. What was she trying to achieve? #RHOA”
Eva Marcille hair

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While there were plenty of people who didn’t have the nicest things to say about Marcille’s hair, there were some who appreciated her styling.

Twitter user @AudacityofYoyo said, “Am I the only one that actually liked Eva’s hair at Cynthia’s wedding ?!”

@jmill26_ seconded that, saying, “I liked Eva’s hair at Cynthia’s wedding. LMAO”

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