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Despite the many iterations of her career in the public eye, whether it was modeling, acting, hosting, motherhood and now as an entrepreneur with her own beauty product line, Eva Marcille knows something about keeping the public’s attention.  We caught up with her to discuss the recent launch of her new CBD line. The product lined, named cEVAd is a range of exquisite CBD-based products that support pure, natural health and beauty, inside and out. cEVAD‘s hemp-based CBD oil is ethically sourced, and grown using organic practices – no insecticides, pesticides, or herbicides. It‘s GMO-free and kosher-certified. The launch of the line includes three products. HARMONY, a CBD-infused tincture for use to help alleviate pain and anxiety,  BLISS (a tincture to help promote restful sleep) and RADIANCE (a facial moisturizer).

See what Eva had to say about the products, RHOA controversies and domestic violence, below.

Why did you decide to release this line of products at this time? Was there a reason including CBD was important?

CBD is popping up everywhere but it’s much more than a trend.  I truly believe in its abilities to replace over the counter pharmaceuticals that we rely on to get rid of pain and anxiety.  The opportunity was a little bit of serendipity between myself and my partner Drew Maloney.  He knows how serious I am about natural wellness and that this would be a perfect fit for me. That’s how cEVAd was born!


Can you speak about the importance of the significance of using natural ingredients?

Understanding and trusting exactly what we’re putting in our bodies is a must.  As mothers and wives, we’re also picking what we put in the bodies of our loved ones.  The easiest way to do that is to go natural.  I love that all of our products are tested and certified pure.  Our tinctures literally have two ingredients.  When you know what you’re putting into your body, it’s so much easier to trust and have confidence in a brand.


Does being a mother of multiple children cause you to adapt your self-care routine?

Absolutely. With three children, time goes out the window – especially time for yourself.  You have to sneak in time for yourself when you can.  I find those moments when I can steal a glass of wine with my husband at the end of the night or sneak a bath, I really make sure I’m present to enjoy and reset.  Self-care isn’t just about taking care your outside which moisturizing with Radiance helps with but what’s almost important to remember is that self-care means taking care of your mental health too!


A lot of people wonder or even worry about loc-ing a young child’s hair. Have you ever received any pushback for Marley’s locs? 

I really haven’t received any negativity about children but I also make an effort to really shield myself from those comments.  As a mother, I have to be a strong role model for my kids.  The last thing I want to show them is to worry about what strangers think of your decisions and let what others think sway your decisions.


Do you regret making the nappy hair comment to Porsha and Kenya on RHOA?

I’ve said it before, I am definitely head of the Nappy Hair Committee – me, my momma, and my daughter. And anybody that identifies with us? Welcome. And if you don’t identify with that, that’s totally fine. I mean, nothing offensive. I happen to be a Black woman…I explained that to Marley the other day.  She was rolling around on the grass, and got grass all in her hair. As I tried to take it out, she began to cry. I said, ‘Baby, you are Black. You have beautiful curls called naps. It’s going to hurt!’ It’s just what it is! I’m not offended by the things that make me beautifully Black.


In society, we tend not to take issues of domestic violence seriously until it’s too late. In light of Marley’s father being in the news for his recent behavior are people reacting to you and your story differently?

Domestic violence is incredibly serious and all too often, women are doubted.  My hope is that no matter whose story it is, we always give the benefit of the doubt to the victims and put their safety first.

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