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I used to consider myself extremely social. I still am…I think? It’s hard to really keep a grasp on what our regular personalities are under such irregular circumstances. When the pandemic first started, and we were all asked to stay home for two weeks, I hate to say it but, I kind of enjoyed that. It was like playing hooky from life. I got to spend a lot of time with my husband and my dog – the two loves of my life who I always wish I had more time with. But then, after a couple of weeks, I really began to miss my friends. Like hard. My husband would find me crying in the kitchen because I was just so lonely. The novelty of playing hooky had worn off and then I wanted to see people but couldn’t. But, like everyone, I had to adjust. We all did, right? Understanding that life wouldn’t be returning to normal any time soon, we had to find ways to stay happy and feel productive, without really seeing other people. In order to survive, we had to get good at being happy alone. And then I think we got too good at it. What a mind f&$k, if I do say so myself. Now I find myself actively behaving more like a shut-in. Are you? Here are some signs.


You avoid running into people

If you were going to go somewhere like, say, the park or an outdoor café, but then you learn through social media or the grapevine that someone else you know will be there, or is often there, you choose a different café or park to go to. And you actually like those people who were going to be there. You just like not talking to people more.

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