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October 3, 2018  |  
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Mia and Tristan

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Serious question: Why do so many important conversations and interactions between Married at First Sight‘s Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson occur off-camera?

We’ve seen the pair argue in their home (a space they tend to stay in) here and there. However, so many major moments, for some reason, escape the sight of the viewer, who is then forced to pick a side based on who can give the most convincing performance of being the so-called victim.

Last night’s episode definitely left me with this question, after Mia and Tristan got into a huge argument over what she had been telling the other couples about their last big argument. While on the road, headed to their second honeymoon and last big getaway before the finale, an annoyed Tristan told Mia that she was incorrect in telling their co-stars that he removed her from their home. He maintained, instead, that she left.

PAUSE: I just want to stop and note how immature it was that he chose to bring his anger along on a three-hour trip from Dallas to Austin, instead of addressing it in the apartment, before they got in the car and on the road. Nothing worse than being trapped with someone who will sh-t on you for the entirety of a road trip… 

Tristan said that by pushing the opposite narrative, Mia was intentionally making him look like a bad husband, and that her interpretation of the events that happened in his apartment that night were incorrect. All I could think was, “Didn’t she leave after he placed all of her sh-t outside of the apartment door?” Were my eyes playing tricks on me?! Granted, we walked in after they had their verbal disagreement (of course we did…), so we don’t know what the full conversation was. But he never asked her to stay. He never said, “Really, Mia!? You’re just going to give up on us and leave?” He literally just silently moved her things out of the door, including a funky candle for full pettiness, and shut it. Certainly looked like he was giving sis the boot, especially when he said, “Don’t say you don’t want to go to Houston but want to stay in my house” to the cameras:

But in the car, he claimed her memory of the incident was false. He even brought up the fact that he “forgave her” when he was told she was a stalker in the beginning, but she expects him to have the “perfect reaction” to every situation. Mia put on her sunglasses and said very little in response (he claims though that she cried the entire way to Austin for the mini-moon). When they finally got to Austin, they checked in their hotel and decided to to speak about their issues in the morning. They were so exhausted from their trip from hell that they just went to bed.

When they woke up in the morning, we missed all sorts of drama (of course we did…again…). She allegedly had a panic or anxiety attack in the middle of the night. When he tried to help her and allegedly take her back to their bed, she said she wanted a divorce. Tristan claimed she picked up and left in the middle of the night, refusing to answer his calls. Contrary to that story, Mia, who is in contact with Amber after bailing on the mini-moon, said Tristan told her he was going to go back to Dallas, and so she wouldn’t be left stranded, she found her own way back to Dallas.

He said she left because she wanted to leave, she claims she left because of him. Once again, I don’t know who to believe because her request for a divorce, and her dramatic exit, were not documented.

But truth be told, I also don’t know what to believe because both Mia and Tristan have displayed behavior that makes it hard to know who is lying. She did tell an entire lie about not really knowing her ex-boyfriend when she was accused of stalking him. But he also sat up there and told Pastor Cal, and the viewers, that Mia left his apartment on her own, when we watched him help her out. Neither figure is endearing, nor sympathetic. They’re both a mess, which probably should have made them a perfect match.

They are not fully truthful about the part they play in the drama they’ve constantly been embroiled in, and instead of working as a team to resolve things and actually move forward without bringing up the past, they immediately go for self-preservation. They tell their family members, friends and the world one story, while everyone else only gets to see a small part of the truth. At this point, I no longer care who’s responsible for what. I just agree with the fact that this is a couple that wasn’t meant to last. They brought too many issues and baggage to the relationship.

Asking for a divorce was probably the most adult and most reasonable we’ve seen Mia behave all season, and accepting that things didn’t work and that you can’t get away with only pretending to forgive someone would be the smartest and most reasonable move for Tristan. Be done already, ’cause we’re all exhausted, too.

You know fans of the show were going in on Twitter. Hit the flip to see what they thought of last night’s drama.

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