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ghosting dating

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Look, if somebody ghosts you, it’s ultimately his fault. That’s some bad dating karma that will come back to bite him in the *ss. If somebody does something bad, they can’t blame it on the thing that triggered them—everyone is responsible for the way they react to things. So, the blame does fall primarily and almost entirely on the guy who ghosts you. Whatever it is he didn’t like, there is never a good enough reason to ghost. That’s a very immature and hurtful behavior. I just want to make it clear that it’s definitely not your fault.


That being said, there are some things you may do—some patterns, habits, behaviors—that may increase the chances that, should a guy having ghosting tendencies, those will come out in him. If a man is capable of ghosting, that always lived in him. He lacks empathy, is immature, and generally doesn’t care about the feelings of others. You don’t make a man a ghoster. But, there are certain indicators that that ghosting will or won’t come out. And, on your part, there could be things you’re doing that up those chances.


Of course, there are men who always ghost. That’s their way out of anything—from a third date to a casual fling to a serious relationship to a marriage. Hello: leaving somebody by packing bags in the middle of the night and fleeing without leaving so much as a note was the original ghosting! Now, ghosters have so many ways to ghost. They can not text you back, not call you back, not respond to your DM, block you on social media, block your email address, and the list goes on. Man. Ghosting sounds kind of exhausting. It almost makes you wonder why the guy doesn’t just tell you he’s done to save himself all the trouble. Anyways, here are ways you may be encouraging ghosting.


Overdoing it on the correspondence

Right out the gates, you overdo it on the correspondence. You text him several times a day, even though he isn’t reciprocating that. You call him a few times a day to say hello, even though he doesn’t really seem ready to be on that level yet. He probably fears that, since you already reach out too much, should he end things properly, there will be such an overwhelming insurgence of texts and calls from you.

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