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I can’t stand a controlling man. They make my blood boil. I’m not sure why they make me so angry. It’s not like they force anyone to date them. Sure, once someone is in a relationship with them, they become very bossy. But, the truth is that, nobody gets into a relationship against their own free will. But still, if a woman is with a controlling man, I do blame the man for the situation. I just know that he sought her out. He preyed on her. He looked for certain qualities that he believed would make her amenable to being controlled.


I also just find it disgusting when a man would want to control his partner. I think that’s some sociopathy wrapped up in narcissism bundled up in douchebaggery (that’s a word, right? It is now). A controlling man wants to take a perfectly happy woman and say, “No. You don’t get to do things your way anymore. I am going to knowingly impose rules and regulations on you that I understand will make you feel less happy and less free, all for my own comfort—or my own sick pleasure.”


You have to understand that controlling men haven’t just not found the right one yet. There isn’t some woman out there whom, whenever they meet her, will just put an end to their controlling tendencies. For them, it’s about the control. They’ll always find something to limit, possess, hinder, and manipulate because that’s what they want to do. But, you must know, as a woman, if you do keep finding yourself with some men, there are traits and behaviors they look for. Here is why you may keep attracting controlling men.


You let them speak over you

On a date, you let a guy talk over you, over, and over again. He keeps interrupting you, and when he does, you completely give up on what you were saying. Then you patiently allow him to say whatever he wants to say. You don’t want to interrupt. That’d be rude. But, er, isn’t that what he just did to you?

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